Limited Edition The Disney Afternoon & Disney100 Pins Now Available at Walt Disney World

Whether you’re a collector of Disney animation or anything historical, these pins are for you. These Disney100 and Limited Edition The Disney Afternoon Pins are now available at Walt Disney World. We found them at the Frontier Trading Post in the Magic Kingdom.

The Disney Afternoon Pin Collage – Limited Edition 1,500 – $29.99

Disney Afternoon LE pins 20

This vibrant pin showcases some of the most well-known characters from various Disney animated series on afternoon TV.

Disney Afternoon LE pins 25

Each of the characters has a multi-dimensional effect on this enameled pin. With gold coins floating all around him, Scrooge McDuck (upper left corner) is set against a bright yellow background and framed in sparkly turquoise.

Next to him is Darkwing Duck with his signature oversized hat and purple and pink cape. Interestingly, Darkwing Duck was the first Disney Afternoon property that was produced completely as a genre parody. 

In one of his classic poses is Bonkers D. Bobcat, in the lower left-hand corner. He is set against a purple background. Bonkers D. Bobcat is the protagonist of Disney’s 1993-95 animated television series “Bonkers.” He was once a star in cartoon shorts on “Raw Toonage” and worked at Wackytoon Studios. He is an overly energetic and hyperactive Bobcat who is currently out of work and works in the Toon Division of the Hollywood Police Department.

And lastly, we have Baloo from “Disney TailSpin,” specifically Baloo von Bruinwald XIII. He is the lead character, depicted as the proficient pilot of the Sea Duck. The pin portrays him as he appears in the show, wearing a yellow pilot shirt and red pilot cap.

A large iridescent turquoise triangle with “The Disney Afternoon” across the middle is displayed over the four characters. The pin is affixed to a brightly colored purple souvenir card with graphic details.

Disney100 Pin Set Collection

Disney100 pins grouping

Disney100 Pin Set – “The Lion King” featuring Simba, Timon & Pumbaa – $19.99

Disney100 pins lion king

The Disney100 series celebrates Disney characters from various movies and animations during the company’s 100-year history.

Disney100 pins lion king 3

“The Lion King” pin features everyone’s favorite trio – Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa. Both pins are faithfully recreated from cloisonne enamel. Included is a souvenir card with an outline of a regal window with a Disney castle in the distance. “Disney 100,” in silver-toned ink, is printed in the lower right-hand corner.

Disney100 Pin Set – “Lilo & Stitch” featuring Stitch & Angel – $19.99

Disney100 pins stitch 1

Everyone’s favorite troublemaker – Stitch – is here paired with his “best girl,” Angel. Stitch, aka Experiment 626, is a main character in the Lilo & Stitch series. Angel – also known as Experiment 624, is depicted as alluring and infatuated with Stitch. Despite her friendly demeanor, she can be vicious at times. After her reform, her kinder side is more prominent.

Disney100 pins stitch 2

These pins also come on a commemorative Disney100 card.

Disney100 Pin Set – Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse – $19.99

Disney100 pins mickey minnie 1

As Walt Disney always said, “… it was all started by a mouse,” and in this case two of them. This beautiful pin is probably one of the “must-have” pins of the Disney100 collection.

Disney100 pins mickey minnie 2

This pin features Mickey and Minnie Mouse in their iconic attire, set against a silver-tone decorative frame with a Disney castle visible through the “window.”

As with the other pins in this collection, they come with the Disney100 decorative card.

The centennial celebration of The Walt Disney Company officially kicked off last month with a special celebration at the Disneyland Resort.

Are you adding any of these pins to your collection? Let us know in the comments below.

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