NEW Disney100 Platinum Mickey Figure and Glass Mug Available at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World has two new Disney100 items: a platinum Mickey figure and a glass mug by Arribas Brothers.

Disney100 Mug – $39

disney100 glass mug 0469

The large mug is available at Crystal Arts in Magic Kingdom.

disney100 glass mug 0468

The Disney100 logo — reading “Disney 100 Years of Wonder” in a Mickey head against an art deco background — is frosted on one side of the glass. “Walt Disney World” is below the logo.

disney100 glass mug 0470

Disney100 Platinum Mickey Figure – $399

disney100 mickey figure 0493

We found this Mickey figure in Box Office Gifts at Magic Kingdom.

disney100 mickey figure 0494

Mickey is shiny platinum. His gloves and shoes are also platinum, but covered in sparkling gems.

disney100 mickey figure 0495

His shorts are still the classic red and also covered in red gems.

disney100 mickey figure 0498
disney100 mickey figure 0479

He stands on a platinum base with art deco designs around the sides and a Disney100 medallion on the front.

disney100 mickey figure 0481
disney100 mickey figure 0483
disney100 mickey figure 0484
disney100 mickey figure 0485

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