New Disney100 Ornaments, Dog Collar, and Magnet at Walt Disney World

Two new Disney100 ornaments, a magnet, and a dog collar arrived at Walt Disney World this week.

Disney100 Dog Collar – $19.99

disney 100 merch 7201

We found this dog collar in the Emporium at Magic Kingdom.

disney 100 merch 7203

It comes in multiple sizes.

disney 100 merch 7210

It’s thin and silvery with a Mickey-shaped charm near the buckle.

The charm has the Disney100 logo on it.

disney 100 merch 7211
disney 100 merch 7209

There’s a long tag to be cut off.

Disney100 Mickey Mouse Club Ornament – $24.99

disney 100 merch 7665
disney 100 merch 7666

This ornament features a Mickey figure standing on a black base.

disney 100 merch 7667

It has a red ribbon with a translucent Disney100 charm on the end.

disney 100 merch 7670

Mickey is wearing a white sweater with his name on it, blue pants, and brown shoes — the Mickey Mouse Club uniform!

disney 100 merch 7671

He’s holding up a red ring that reads “Mickey Mouse Club.”

disney 100 merch 7672
disney 100 merch 7673

The Disney100 logo is on the bottom.

disney 100 merch 7675

This and the ornament below were in Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe at Magic Kingdom.

Disney100 Steamboat Willie Ornament – $29.99

disney 100 merch 7685

This ornament comes on a silver ribbon.

disney 100 merch 7678

A black and white Mickey figure is beneath a dome that has the “Mickey Mouse Sound Cartoon” logo on the outside. He’s standing on a life preserver base reading “S.S. Willie.”

disney 100 merch 7680

Of course, this is Mickey how he appeared at the beginning of “Steamboat Willie,” whistling and steering the ship.

disney 100 merch 7681

The ornament lights up and plays “Turkey in the Straw,” the tune Mickey whistles in the short film.

disney 100 merch 7682
disney 100 merch 7683

Disney100 Magnet – $14.99

disney 100 merch 9675

We found this silver magnet at the Walt Disney World Store in Orlando International Airport, but we’re sure it will be available in the parks, too. It features Mickey and Minnie poking out of the zeros in “Disney 100 Years of Wonder.”

disney 100 merch 9677

The background has shiny silhouettes of various Disney characters like Bambi, Elsa, Merida, and Woody. Cinderella Castle is at the top and the letters are in dark blue.

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