Ceiling Leaking in Main Entrance of Disney’s Riviera Resort

Following our arrival today at Disney’s Riviera Resort, we were surprised to find the front entrance was closed. As it turns out, there was a leak from the ceiling, and we spotted crews hard at work with buckets and towels to keep things in order.

riveria resort8

Once we got into the resort, we headed to the lobby and saw a maintenance worker on a ladder holding a trash can under a large hole cut into the ceiling. We’re unsure whether the leak or the gouged ceiling hole came first.

riveria resort5

A closer look shows what appears to be water coming from the opening. We asked Cast Members, and all they said to us was there was “a technical issue with the system.”

riveria resort2

As you can see, there is a large number of towels covering the marble flooring below.

Earlier in the day, Guests and Cast Members were evacuated from Disney’s Riviera Resort. Reports of fire trucks heading to the resort were unconfirmed upon arrival, but Cast Members later stated that a fire alarm did trigger the evacuation. The all-clear had been given, and people were allowed back into the resort, but the entrance remained closed. We’re unsure whether this alarm had anything to do with the leak.

Rivera Resrot

Were you at Disney’s Riviera Resort when this was happening? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Typically, sprinkler systems have pressure switches. if the pressure drops in the line, indicating a sprinkler has been activated, it will trigger the alarm. Sound like this is probably a leaking sprinkler line, and the two are directly connected.


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