PHOTOS: Land Being Cleared Near Hei Hei Parking Lot at EPCOT

Last month the EPCOT parking lots were renamed after different Disney characters. Now the land next to the newly-named Hei Hei parking lot is being cleared for construction.

hei hei parking lot

This land is being cleared for more parking lot space to be created, and may also be the new home for ride-sharing dropoffs such as Lyft.

hei hei lot clearing70

One one side of the clear land, the dirt has been completely flattened. On the other, an enormous mound of dirt still stands.

hei hei lot clearing71
hei hei lot clearing72

Below you can see the new signage for the Hei Hei parking lot that was recently erected.

epcot parking lot earth space 8936

Stay tuned for more photos and information.

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