PHOTOS, VIDEO: Enchanted Tales with Belle Reopens For First Time in Nearly 3 Years at Magic Kingdom

After being closed since March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Enchanted Tales with Belle has finally reopened at the Magic Kingdom.

If you look closely at the entrance signage, you can spot Lumiére.

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New Lightning Lane signage has been added to the entrance of the queue.

Enchanted Tales with Belle is an attraction inside Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom that allows guests to enter Belle and her father Maurice’s cottage, Maurice’s workshop, and finally (with the help of a special enchanted mirror) the library of Beast’s castle.

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Cast Members waved at guests as we were finally able to join the queue.

enchanted tales1489

Another Fantasyland experience that was shuttered due to the pandemic was Ariel’s Grotto, which reopened in January.

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Maurice is, famously and infamously, an inventor. You can see small nods to his inventive spirit throughout the queue leading into the cottage like these gears on the lantern post.

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enchanted tales1492
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Inside Maurice’s cottage is a portrait of Belle as a child reading a book with her mother.

enchanted tales1494

If you look closely inside the cottage you can spot markings on the wall to notate how tall Belle was as she grew from age three to 18.

etwb 219

Does that tea pot and cup set look familiar?

etwb 2191
enchanted tales1497
enchanted tales1498

Blueprints for Maurice’s inventions line the walls of his workshop.

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Finally, guests stand in front of an enchanted mirror that magically transforms into a portal to Beast’s Castle after guests chant, “take me back to when Belle and Beast fell in love.”

enchanted tales1501
enchanted tales1509

As the enchantment takes over, the frame of the mirror grows.

enchanted tales1512

The mirror shows the exterior of Beast’s castle getting closer and closer.

enchanted tales1515
enchanted tales1518

Until finally, the mirror “magically” turns into a doorway that allows guests through to the castle.

enchanted tales1522
enchanted tales382

Before entering the library, the Enchanted Wardrobe interacts with guests and helps assign parts of the story to be played to guests of all ages.

enchanted tales1525
enchanted tales1530
enchanted tales1533

Parts to be played, like Mrs. Potts and Chip, are distributed to guests.

enchanted tales1536

As guests are assigned their parts, they are given corresponding cut-outs of the character they are playing. Like the “suits of armor”.

enchanted tales1537
enchanted tales385

Upon entering the library, guests sit on benches and are greeted by Lumiere.

enchanted tales1542
enchanted tales1543

This Lumiere animatronic is quite impressive as it moves and talks. He directs guests to yell “surprise” when Belle walks into the room.

enchanted tales1545

Finally, Belle joins everyone in the library, and the story begins!

enchanted tales1547
enchanted tales1548
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enchanted tales1550

The story of “Beauty and the Beast” is then acted out with guests playing many of the supporting roles.

enchanted tales1551

Lumiere is the narrator of the story, and throughout the tale guests are called on to play their part.

enchanted tales1552

After the story ends, Belle takes photos with members of the “cast.”

enchanted tales1556
enchanted tales389

Since guests are interacting with the story, Enchanted Tales with Belle is a slightly different experience each time.

enchanted tales1557
enchanted tales1577

After the photo op, “it’s time for dinner,” and Belle leaves.

enchanted tales1591

As a parting keepsake, every guest who plays a role in the story is given a special bookmark to take home.

enchanted tales1592

The bookmark reads, “you’ll always be part of my favorite story,” and features a facsimile signature by Belle.

enchanted tales1593

The reverse side is made to look like the spine of a book titled “Enchanted Tales with Belle.”

enchanted tales1595

Each guest who participates in the story is given one of these cards by the Disney PhotoPass photographer to download photos taken during the story and with Belle. Every single photo taken during the show is available via this card.

enchanted tales 23322

Check out our full video of Enchanted Tales with Belle below.

Are you excited to see Enchanted Tales with Belle finally reopened to guests? Let us know in the comments.

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