New Guardians of the Galaxy, runDisney, Star Wars, and Train Jewelry by Pandora at Walt Disney World

Shannen Ace

New Guardians of the Galaxy, runDisney, Star Wars, and Train Jewelry by Pandora at Walt Disney World

Uptown Jewelers at Magic Kingdom has a new collection of Guardians of the Galaxy charms by Pandora, plus an Awesome Mix jewelry case and Marvel bracelet. New park-exclusive charms are inspired by runDisney, “Star Wars,” and the Walt Disney World Railroad.

pandora jewelry gotg 2918

The new Guardians of the Galaxy is not park-exclusive.

pandora jewelry gotg 2920

Guests who purchase all six new Guardians of the Galaxy items get the complimentary jewelry box.

pandora jewelry gotg 2922

The set does not include a bracelet or necklace but charms can be slid onto any Pandora bracelet or necklace.

pandora jewelry gotg 2923
pandora jewelry gotg 2925

Guardians of the Galaxy Jewelry Case

pandora jewelry gotg 2926

The case resembles Star-Lord’s “Awesome Mix” cassette tape, just with the Marvel and Pandora logos on the top.

pandora jewelry gotg 2927

It zips up.

pandora jewelry gotg 2928

The “Guardians of the Galaxy” logo is on the bottom.

pandora jewelry gotg 2929

The zipper pull is the shield symbol of the Guardians.

pandora jewelry gotg 2930

Inside, there are slots for the five new charms and one new ring.

pandora jewelry gotg 2931

There’s also an elastic pocket in the lid, beneath the “Guardians of the Galaxy” logo.

The entire new set is $445, but the charms and ring can be purchased individually.

Guardians of the Galaxy Shield Charm – $60

pandora jewelry gotg 2933

This double-sided charm has the Guardians of the Galaxy symbol on one side.

pandora jewelry gotg 2935

The other side features Rocket and Baby Groot with “Oh yeahh” above them.

pandora jewelry gotg 2936

Groot Ring – $70

pandora jewelry gotg 2947

The only ring in the collection is this silver ring inspired by Groot. His face is on one side and tiny leaves stick out of the ring.

Star-Lord Charm – $95

pandora jewelry gotg 2952

A three-dimensional Star-Lord with his mask and red leather jacket dangles from a silver ring branded with the Guardians symbol.

Rocket Charm – $85

pandora jewelry gotg 2957

The three-dimensional Rocket charm slides on bracelets and necklaces through Rocket’s head.

Baby Groot Charm – $70

pandora jewelry gotg 2960

Baby Groot is also a three-dimensional slider charm, and the tiny Flora colossus is in a perfectly-sized pot.

Awesome Mix Vol. 1 Charm – $65

pandora jewelry gotg 2963

The final charm resembles the “Awesome Mix Vol. 1” cassette tape. It’s silver with red accents and the cassette dangles from a ring.

Infinity Stone Earrings – $135

pandora jewelry gotg 2938

These earrings and the Marvel bracelet below aren’t part of the collection eligible for the free jewelry case, but they do go well with the Guardians of the Galaxy items. The earrings are gold with three of the six Infinity Stones embedded in each earring.

pandora jewelry gotg 2940

One earring has the Reality, Time, and Power gems, while the other has the Mind, Space, and Soul gems.

Marvel Bracelet – $95

pandora marvel bracelet 3041

The Marvel bracelet was displayed with the Guardians of the Galaxy charms on it, but they are sold separately. The bracelet is a braided silver.

pandora marvel bracelet 3043

The Marvel logo is in white on the bracelet’s rounded clasp.

pandora marvel bracelet 3044
pandora marvel bracelet 3045
pandora charms feb 2023 2967

If you aren’t a Marvel fan, then you may like one of these four park-exclusive charms, all of which have a silver finish.

Imperial Charm – $90

pandora charms feb 2023 2971

This first “Star Wars” charm has a Stormtrooper’s helmet on one side, set against a black background.

pandora charms feb 2023 2985
pandora charms feb 2023 2986

The Galactic Empire’s logo is in black against a white background on the other side.

Millennium Falcon & Death Star Charm – $90

pandora charms feb 2023 2973

This double-sided charm features the Millennium Falcon and the second Death Star.

pandora charms feb 2023 2989

The Falcon is flying through the air, with silver streaks behind it.

pandora charms feb 2023 2990

The unfinished Death Star is in dark gray against a light gray background.

runDisney Charm – $90

pandora charms feb 2023 2993

“Every mile is magic” is in blue against a black background on one side of this charm.

pandora charms feb 2023 2995

The runDisney logo, featuring Mickey’s blue silhouette running, is on the other side.

Train Engine Charm – $75

pandora charms feb 2023 3003

Finally, we took home this three-dimensional train engine charm, which dangles from a slider ring.

pandora charms feb 2023 3088

The train is silver with red accents, resembling the Walter E. Disney engine of the Walt Disney World Railroad.

pandora charms feb 2023 3089
pandora charms feb 2023 3097

Which new charm will you be adding to your Pandora jewelry? Let us know in the comments!

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