New Hollywood Tower Hotel Magnets, Phone Cases, MagicBands, and Ornaments From MaDe at Walt Disney World

New Hollywood Tower Hotel items are available at Walt Disney World MaDe kiosks. Recent merchandise for The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror hasn’t featured “Twilight Zone” or “Tower of Terror” to avoid CBS licensing fees.

tower of terror made 0213

We found the designs on the MaDe kiosk in Big Top Souvenirs at Magic Kingdom. These items can be personalized for $3-$5.

Hollywood Tower Hotel MagicBand – $24.99

tower of terror made 0186

The base MagicBand is gray. The dotted side has a pattern of the hotel logo in black and gold (if you don’t choose to put your name on it).

tower of terror made 0187

The other end features Mickey and Minnie in dapper golden 1920s outfits. “The Hollywood Tower Hotel” is printed between them.

Hollywood Tower Hotel Phone Cases – $29.99

tower of terror made 0188

There are five new phone case designs.

tower of terror made 0192

Like the MagicBand, this one is gray with Mickey and Minnie. It reads, “Enjoy your stay forever.”

tower of terror made 0189

This case is deep red with the hotel logo patterned over it in black. If you add your name, it will be on a black band across the bottom.

tower of terror made 0190
tower of terror made 0193

This red phone case has an all-over print of Mickey and friends, all wearing yellow-gold outfits.

tower of terror made 0194

Goofy and Donald are in bellhop uniforms.

tower of terror made 0196

This case reads, “Discover what lies beyond the 5th dimension at the Hollywood Tower Hotel.”

tower of terror made 0197

The retro design has the elevator dial at the top.

tower of terror made 0198

The final case has a subtle pattern of the Hollywood Tower Hotel logo in the background.

tower of terror made 0199

In the foreground is an angry-looking Donald in a design reading, “Make sure you know what vacancy you are filling.”

Hollywood Tower Hotel Ornaments – $19.99

tower of terror made 0201

The ornaments all have a 3-D effect.

tower of terror made 0203

This one is a red circle with Minnie lounging on a sofa and Mickey tipping his hat. “The Hollywood Tower Hotel” is beneath them.

tower of terror made 0204

This black ornament has a gray design featuring the iconic hotel and its name.

tower of terror made 0205

This gray rounded ornament features Mickey again, set against a swirl featuring the elevator dial and a broken bell. “The Hollywood Tower Hotel” is in white. At the bottom is “Hollywoodland, CA. Hugh Plummet, Manager.”

Hollywood Tower Hotel Magnets – $14.99

tower of terror made 0208

This matches the MagicBand and gray phone case, with Mickey and Minnie pictured against a sinister swirl beneath “Enjoy your stay forever.”

tower of terror made 0209

This magnet reads, “You may find yourself a permanent resident of the Hollywood Tower Hotel.” The lettering is gold and black. Mickey is peeking out from the top.

tower of terror made 0211

Goofy is dressed as a bellhop and holding a wrench on this black and orange magnet advertising The Hollywood Tower Hotel Elevator Repair. The ad claims the elevator repair department has 24-hour service and “falling” prices. It also notes, “We can’t guarantee it’s fixed.”

tower of terror made 0212

Finally, this magnet is almost identical to one of the ornaments, just without an opening at the top for a ribbon. It features an image of the hotel in gray above “Hollywood Tower Hotel” and “ESTD. 1917.”

New MaDe kiosks have also recently been installed at two Disney’s Animal Kingdom locations.

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