REVIEW: Eternal Flame Cookie Returns to Gideon’s Bakehouse in Disney Springs for February 2023

The Eternal Flame cookie has returned to Gideon’s Bakehouse for a spicy February 2023. This cookie first debuted at Gideon’s in Disney Springs two years ago. It was known as the Velvety Fire Flavor Chocolate Cookie in 2022.

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The February 2023 menu at Gideon’s Bakehouse features a Medusa character with “forever longing” above her.

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gideons bakehouse february 2023 menu 8053

The back of the menu has the story of the Medusa character, Monaxia.

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Being unique can be a lonely experience, an experience the fair Monaxia knows all too well. Said to be the most beautiful woman in the land, she was cursed with a mane of slithering snakes. Though dazzling in their own right, these nasty locks can turn anyone who gazes her way to stone. As a result, she wanders eternity alone, waiting for the look of true love to break her solitary spell.

We’ll be avoiding Monaxia’s serpentine stare while we enjoy our Valentine’s Day cookie.

Eternal Flame Special Edition Cookie – $6

Dark chocolate cherry cookie laced with ancho, cayenne, and cinnamon and topped with chocolate covered cheeries.


In 2021, there were two options for the Eternal Flame cookie: spicy or mild. There’s only one option this year and it seems to be at least closer to 2021’s spicy option, featuring edible red glitter on top. The Gideon’s Bakehouse website describes the cookie as having “a deep chocolate flavor followed by the tingling warmth of a first kiss and the sweet presence of cherries.”


The cookie is salty and spicy, but not overwhelmingly so. We could definitely taste the cinnamon and the pepper baked into the dough. The cherries and chocolate top helped balance out the spice and we liked the taste. We’d say it was about the same spice level as your run-of-the-mill fast food restaurant chicken sandwich.

So if you can’t handle a lot of spice, skip this one, but it’s a good alternative to Gideon’s often overly sweet cookies. That said, it’s not one of our favorites.

Will you be getting the Eternal Flame cookie this year? Let us know in the comments.

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