The Ultimate Secret to Saving Thousands at Disney World

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Are you thinking of going on a vacation to Walt Disney World? The idea of traveling to the Most Magical Place on Earth, walking into Magic Kingdom, seeing Cinderella Castle, meeting Mickey Mouse, and eating a Mickey Premium Bar while the Festival of Fantasy parade moves down Main Street U.S.A. is a magical one — and an expensive one. That being said, there is a solution to this costly problem.

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If you are looking to stay on Walt Disney World property during your stay, you may have noticed that certain hotel rooms, especially Deluxe rooms, can cost up to $1,000 per night for a basic room with two beds. This quickly makes the dreams of staying at hotels like Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, Disney’s Riviera Resort, or Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge turn into a nightmare Fantasmic! Finding a good deal on your hotel stay is key.

What if we told you that there was a way you could have an ever better room at a luxury Disney resort for up to 65% less than its cost? Many Disney fans know about buying into the Disney Vacation Club (DVC), and using their points to stay in different resorts while they visit Walt Disney World, and other Disney hotels and partner hotels around the world. DVC may be a little too expensive for some to commit to an entire contract, but there is a way you can enjoy the room perks and low cost that DVC brings to a Disney vacation, without having to make that commitment.

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DVC Rental Store by World of DVC is a place where you can actually buy DVC points for low costs, and use them to book your very own Disney resort stay. The process is fast, it’s free to explore, and the cancelation policies are unmatched. It leaves you with little risk and high reward when you are staying at a hotel like Disney’s BoardWalk Inn for a fraction of the cost you saw online. It is truly the BEST way to stay at a Deluxe Disney resort for a fraction of the price, through the #1 DVC rental company in the United States.

Why Stay on Disney Property?

For those who think that the cost of a Disney hotel is far too high, staying off-property may be the route you are looking to take on your next visit to Walt Disney World. Staying at a hotel in the Orlando area may be cost-efficient, but it will also require sacrifices.

When staying on property, you are in the “Disney bubble,” which means you are close to all of the magical theme parks, eateries, hotels, restaurants, and amenities. You don’t need to hop in bumper-to-bumper traffic to head to Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, or EPCOT — you don’t need to hop into a car at all!

Disney offers a variety of transportation around their parks, including buses, monorails, and the Disney Skyliner at no added charge. Add up the cost of a rental car and gas, and you will quickly realize that traveling around on your own can be very expensive.

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Being on Disney property also means you never have to leave the Disney magic. From the over-the-top kindness that Cast Members bring to guests, to the jaw-dropping theming that every Disney hotel has, you will constantly feel like you are being transported into different worlds with unique aspects at every turn. Having a cookie-cutter room isn’t a negative thing, but once you stay in a room where fireworks go off on your headboard, you quickly realize how much a Disney hotel can enhance your vacation, and keep it memorable.

Disney’s hotels are also incredibly clean, well-kept, and safe! This takes the stress away from traveling, especially if you are visiting with children. Every hotel has multiple highly-themed pools, delicious dining, as well as amenities and activities that will make you wonder if you ever need to even leave to go to the theme park! Plus, sometimes you may even have characters pop up around your resort, which will have dramatically shorter lines than the theme parks. Disney hotel guests also have perks such as early theme park entry and extended evening hours, meaning you can enjoy the parks for longer, with fewer guests around!

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From having Mickey Mouse call you to wake you up, to walking into your room while Disney music plays and your TV welcomes you and your party to your Disney vacation, Disney hotels will have adults feeling like kids again, and kids feeling like they have stepped into a world of fantasy with limitless possibilities.

How It Works

Now that you may be a little more excited to visit Walt Disney World if you can potentially save thousands of dollars, it’s important to know how to begin! On DVC Rental Store, you are able to browse their inventory of points to see what hotels are available on what date, and how much they are going to cost, at no cost to you! If you are looking to buy DVC points from alternate places, you may sometimes be asked to put down a small deposit just to check availability on the Disney resorts you would be interested in staying at with your preferred date, but thankfully, DVC Rental Store already has us keeping some money in our pockets by removing that cost.

All you have to do is put in the dates you are looking to travel, and how many guests you want to bring, and then wait for the deals to appear! Not only will you see affordable hotel options, but DVC rooms have the luxury of possibly having a kitchen, as well as multiple bedrooms giving you an even better vacation experience. Since DVC Rental Store has the largest member inventory for points out there, you will be able to plan your vacation with much more variety in resort options as well as price points.

To test this theory, we looked at hotel costs from April 1 – 4 in Walt Disney World. On the Walt Disney World website, we can see Disney’s Old Key West is selling their Deluxe Studio rooms for $623.00 per night, which would cost you $1,246.00 to stay there. If we look at those same dates on DVC Rental Store, we can see that same exact room style being sold for $471.50 per night, which would cost you $943.00, saving you hundreds on just a two-day stay! One week at Disney would easily bring you to thousands in savings.

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If you have flexible dates, you can play around with your options and oftentimes find the Disney resort of your dreams at a price that no longer feels so scary! Plus, no contract commitment to join DVC!

There are also super low down payment options which make the decision to book a lot easier, as well as a fantastic cancelation policy that protects you and your money. Everyone who works at DVC Rental Store is a former Cast Member, so you will always get top-tier service from people who know and understand all the ins and outs of Disney Vacation Club.

If you have DVC points and want to make some money, you can do that too! DVC Rental Store actually pays their members the most per point, which is up to $18.00 per.

We may have spoken a lot about renting points in Disney World, but you can also rent points with DVC Rental Store for any DVC property! That means traveling to resorts such as Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa can become an affordable and attainable option for many.

So if riding Big Thunder Mountain during fireworks and then snuggling into your gorgeous DVC room at a hotel like Bay Lake Tower or the Copper Creek Villas and Cabins at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge has been your Disney goal, click here to finally bring it to life without breaking the bank and let DVC Rental Store save you thousands today.

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  1. being dvc members, when there used to be the magical express, we were subject to remaining in the di$ney bubble. since they got rid of that perk, we have started driving to di$ney instead. no longer being a subject of the bubble, we get a nice place to stay like okw or boardwalk one bedrooms, go off property to eat or cook in room [bring a lot of your own food, the publix at champions gate is nice but the meat selection leaves alot to be desired. plus if you like your alcoholic drink, buying off property is so much cheaper]. plus, we can drive over to universal to get out of the bubble or seaworld. however, the traffic especially on I 4 is pretty nerve racking i will admit. it has saved us quite a bit of money plus we get the freedom to see alot more of the area. after a certain amount of time at di$ney, being to be able to escape sometimes is invaluable. so thankyou cheapact. by that one thing alone, you have given us much more to do than spend all our dollars just at di$ney since we are no longer captive to the di$ney bubble. as an added plus, we also only have to make reservations at some restaurants off property. also, we can transfer our dvc points to our children so they can take their children and their childrens children to di$ney one day when rooms might very well cost thousands of dollars per night more than today. taking away perks for the guests has certain consequences to the bottom line di$ney. just like taking away fast passes means more people are standing in line for longer periods of time rather than spending more money in the parks. has your selling lightning lane and genie plus made up for those dollars di$ney? not to mention taking away tables in wonderland and not being able to park hop like we used to do. sometimes hitting all 4 parks in the same day. we used to go at least 3 times per year because we have enough points to do so. now we go maybe once a year because we cannot purchase annual passes and have a very long drive. so, there is your bottom line di$ney. you take away, we take away too! another added bonus for us is if out children do not want our dvc membership, we can either rent out the point to others or sell our contracts on the resale market. both purchased before they would not allow you to go to any dvc resort including riviera and any future dvc projects.


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