Cinderella Castle Expected to Maintain Existing EARidescent Color Scheme Following 50th Anniversary Celebration

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Cinderella Castle 50th Anniversary Paint

Cinderella Castle Expected to Maintain Existing EARidescent Color Scheme Following 50th Anniversary Celebration

Though its “World’s Most Magical Celebration” embellishments will be removed beginning this weekend, the current “EARidescent” color scheme of Cinderella Castle is set to stand beyond the 50th Anniversary celebration at the Magic Kingdom.

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The “EARidescent” pink and blue paint scheme introduced to Cinderella Castle is now expected to remain, even after the buntingturret jewels, and the 50th Anniversary medallion are removed. All 50th Anniversary decor is expected to be removed across the four parks of the Walt Disney World Resort as the 18-month celebration comes to a close.

Disney has announced that the celebratory embellishments will be removed in phases beginning this weekend. As part of the first phase, guests may see the 50th Anniversary medallion removed and the clock return to Cinderella Castle.

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As the embellishments are removed, it is expected that cast members will perform touch-ups to the existing paint on Cinderella Castle, but will not perform a complete repainting. Many of the 50th anniversary decorations have already been removed from Main Street, U.S.A. as “The World’s Most Magical Celebration” comes to a close. We saw the first decorations removed at the beginning of March.

Along with the pink and blue colors of Cinderella Castle, the Golden Fab 50 statues will also remain beyond the end of the festivities and are not expected to be removed anytime soon. Plenty of merchandise has been released featuring the 50th Anniversary theming of Cinderella Castle allowing guests to ensure the color scheme could live on when the Magic Kingdom icon is eventually repainted.

Recently, a new Cinderella Castle play set hit Walt Disney World Shops using the 50th Anniversary color scheme, but the medallion at the front of the castle was noticeably missing. Even limited-edition commemorative 50th Anniversary license plates were released for Florida drivers wanting to show off the “EARidescent” 50th-anniversary castle.

Walt Disney World has announced monthly themes for their own version of the Disney 100th anniversary celebration, which will begin now that the 50th Anniversary celebration has ended. To kick off the Disney100 celebration at Walt Disney World, special commemorative pennies have appeared across property. We’ve already prepared a full list of each collectible character penny and their locations.

What do you think of the Cinderella Castle color scheme? Let us know how you feel about it living on beyond the 50th Anniversary celebration in the comments below!

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