Disney+ Shares Photo of Luke and Leia in Romantic Couples Social Media Post

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Luke & Leia at the end of Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back

Disney+ Shares Photo of Luke and Leia in Romantic Couples Social Media Post

The Disney social media team made an unfortunate error in a recent Disney+ sponsored post, including a photo of siblings Luke and Leia from “Star Wars” among “Couples we will forever ship.” “Ship” is a colloquialism derived from “relationship,” and is used as a verb to mean a want for two individuals to be in a relationship together.

Twitter user @madteamichelle shared a screenshot of the sponsored post, which reads, “Couples we will forever ship… again and again. Who’s your pick? All of these and more are now streaming on #DisneyPlus.”

The other three couples are Kat and Patrick from “10 Things I Hate About You,” Wanda and Vision from “WandaVision,” and Giselle and Robert from “Enchanted.” The photo of Luke and Leia labels them as Han Solo and Princess Leia, specifically, from “Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back.”

A couple of kisses shared by Luke and Leia before they knew they were siblings, and before Leia and Han solidified their relationship, have led to decades of jokes, but not usually from Disney. It seems more like someone who doesn’t know the characters chose the image.

There have been errors abound from Disney recently, like getting the anniversary of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa wrong.

At Disneyland Resort, the new series of Disney100 banners featured a number of grammar, spelling, and factual mistakes that left guests wondering how much thought went into the centennial celebration decor. The banners were followed by the platinum Mickey statue featuring an incorrect Walt Disney quote. We then discovered error-ridden signs on the Indiana Jones Adventure construction walls and the “Main Stret” typo on a temporary sign.

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