Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Now Available in Honeydukes at Islands of Adventure

Florean Fortescue’s ice cream cups are now available at Honeydukes in Hogsmeade at Islands of Adventure.

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On a recent visit to Islands of Adventure, we stopped by Honeydukes candy shop to check out these delicious flavors.

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If you’re looking for these new frozen treats at Honeydukes, head slightly left upon entering and look for a refrigerator/freezer case positioned against the wall near the bulk candy section.

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Beside the Gilly Water bottles, individual cups of ice cream are available for purchase. If you prefer to take your ice cream with you and not eat it right away, Honeydukes Cooler Bags can be purchased for $15.00, provided that you make a qualifying purchase. These cooler bags are located near the ice cream and water.

Florian Fortescue’s Ice Cream Cups – $5.99

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These ice cream cups come in four flavors: Butterbeer, Strawberry Peanut Butter, Vanilla, and Dutch Chocolate. Check out our review of some of these flavors here.

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Those who enjoyed the ice cream could previously only obtain the hand-packed frozen delights at the Three Broomsticks restaurant in Hogsmeade. On occasion, a mobile cart selling bottled drinks and these ice creams is stationed in the vicinity, but this typically occurs during peak periods.

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Florean Fortescue’s, an ice cream shop located in Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Florida, offers both scoop and soft serve ice cream. On busy days, prepackaged ice cream is also available from carts. Previously, prepackaged ice cream was only available in the venue, which was often overcrowded. However, guests can now purchase prepackaged ice cream from Honeydukes as well.

Are you excited that Honeydukes now has these delicious ice cream flavors? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Those cups are no where near as much or as good as you get from the actual soft serve machines and in the waffle cones. Why Universal doesn’t have a Florian and fortescues ice cream stand or machine at Islands of Adventure is beyond me. My wife and I always have to plan our time to go back to universal to get a cone. It makes no sense.


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