New Alligator Loki Plush At Islands Of Adventure

Matt Hesson

New Alligator Loki Plush At Islands Of Adventure

Marvel fans know that Loki comes in all shapes and sizes, but an adorable new plush takes a bite at being the most adorable variation! A Marvel Alligator Loki plush is now available at the Comic Book Shop at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

Alligator Loki Plush – $40.00

Loki Alligator Plush 2

Alligator Loki Laufeyson is one of the strangest variants featured in the Disney+ “Loki” series. Banished to the void for eating a cat, this “thing” has been made as adorable as he is unique with a new zippered-mouth plush.

Loki Alligator Plush 3

This fun new edition to the Comic Book store is a playful item for Marvel fans to take home. The zippered mouth opens to reveal the two-toned pink tongue stuck out with the Loki election pin patch inside. Alligator Loki is a classic soft green with yellow horns and eyes and a yellow zipper closure on its mouth.

Loki Alligator Plush 1

Along the back, this Alligator Loki plush has three rows of ridged details to mimic a real alligator. It also has some markings along the sides to mimic rough scales along its plush exterior.

Loki Alligator Plush 5

You can find this Alligator Loki alongside other Marvel-themed plush items at the Comic Book Shop, located across from The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man at Universal Islands of Adventure.

Will you be adding this Alligator Loki plush to your collection? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Just saying, this has been available for months at both Hot Topic and Box Lunch, and it’s only $29.90 there.

  2. So, not sure if you guys know, but does Disney still get a licensing fee for this sorta thing? Or was the merchandise side part of the “in perpetuity” contract?

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