PHOTOS: Villain-Con Minion Blast Entrance Painted at Universal Studios Florida

Today we visited Villain-Con Minion Blast Entrance Painted at Universal Studios Florida to see how the attraction was coming along.

Universal Studios Villan Con5

We noticed that the middle arch over the entrance to Villian-Con has received a fresh coat of paint. We know it’s fresh because we saw them finish painting it right before we took our photos.

Universal Studios Villan Con15

As you can see, the grey concrete now sports a vibrant, deep purple. The color coordinates with some of the colors in the “Welcome to Villian-Con” banners hanging from either side of the arch.

Universal Studios Villan Con4
Universal Studios Villan Con3

Compared to the photo below from earlier this week, you can see the arch without any color. However, if you look in the far upper right-hand corner, you’ll notice a small rectangular purple patch where the shade was tested.

Universal Orlando Villan Con2
Universal Studios Villan Con14
Universal Studios Villan Con12
Universal Studios Villan Con11

Recently, we spotted a few new decorations added to the queue of Villain-Con, including the entrance banners and some additional steel structures taking shape at the Minion Cafe.

Universal Studios Villan Con6

Over at the show building, the large stripes, on the far ends of the wall, have also been painted in varying shades of purple.

The new attraction is expected to open this summer.

Are you excited to experience the Villan-Con attraction when it opens later this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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