New Disney100 Popcorn Box Available at Walt Disney World

Guests can now get their popcorn in a Disney100-branded popcorn box at Walt Disney World.

disney100 popcorn box wdw 1981

The box is mostly shades of purple, with touches of white. The Disney100 logo, with “100 Years of Wonder” is printed on each side of the box.

disney100 popcorn box wdw 1982

It’s covered in Mickey heads, stars, and diamonds.

disney100 popcorn box wdw 1983

This cardboard popcorn box is no extra charge but cannot be refilled.

disney100 popcorn box wdw 1984

We spotted the box at popcorn stands and carts in EPCOT.

disney100 popcorn bucket wdw

The Disney100 popcorn bucket is also available at popcorn stands throughout Walt Disney World.

The bucket is slightly different from those available at Disneyland Resort, where the Disney100 celebration is in full swing. EPCOT will host some Disney100 celebrations later this year.

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