New Captain America & Iron Man Loungefly Mini Backpacks & Wallets Land at Universal Orlando Resort

Malia Minckler

New Captain America & Iron Man Loungefly Mini Backpacks & Wallets Land at Universal Orlando Resort

All-new Loungefly mini backpacks, wallets, and a handbag inspired by ‘The Infinity Saga’ have arrived at the Marvel Alterniverse Store at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Let’s take a look!

“Iron Man” 15th Anniversary Loungefly Mini-Backpack – $85

uor loungefly 6

This entire bag is covered in a metallic red canvas material with gold accents of the same material incorporated throughout the design.

uor loungefly 4

Iron Man’s Arc Reactor core has the center-top position.

uor loungefly 5

A “The Infinity Saga” badge adorns the bottom-right portion of this bag’s front.

Captain America Loungefly Mini-Backpack – $85

uor loungefly 3

Much like the “Iron Man” backpack, this bag is made mostly of a metallic canvas material, but this one features a bold royal blue shade.

uor loungefly 2 1

The white star from Captain America’s Vibranium shield is at the center-top.

uor loungefly 1

Red and silver accents are scattered throughout the bag’s design.

IMG 0811

On the back is a glossy blue plastic with his shield design printed. The straps are blue.

Iron Man Handbag – $79

uor loungefly 12

This Iron Man handbag makes a nice complement to the mini backpack. It is also covered in a red metallic material with gold accents. The Arc Reactor again sits at the center.

IMG 0788

The back of the bag also features a ‘The Infinity Saga’ badge.

Captain America Wallet – $55

uor loungefly 9

The blue glossy material returns, complete with the white star at the center.

IMG 0819

Below the Infinity Saga badge on the back, you can spot Cap’s shield. A fun touch to this wallet.

uor loungefly 8

There is a button-snap enclosure, along with several slots for credit cards and a driver’s license window. Shields and Avengers logos are patterned in the lining.

Iron Man Wallet – $55

IMG 0826

If you want to complete the Iron Man set, you can snag this wallet! The Arc Reactor again sits front and center.

IMG 0828 1

The wallet’s design is tied together with a ‘The Infinity Saga’ badge on the back of it.

If you’re a fan of Loungefly products, check out the Hello Kitty backpack, handbag, and wallet that we recently found at the Hello Kitty Store at Universal Studios Florida.

Will you be taking a trip to Universal’s Islands of Adventure to pick up any of these new arrivals? Let us know in the comments section!

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