Tree of Life Awakenings Showtimes End March 11 at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Spencer Lloyd


Tree of Life Awakenings Showtimes End March 11 at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

During the autumn and winter months when sunset comes much later than closing time at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, guests can enjoy special Tree of Life Awakenings projection shows on the park’s central icon. But with Daylight Savings Time coming to change everything, it seems the park will not opt to continue these shows with closing times scheduled before they would be otherwise feasible.


The nighttime projection shows have three varieties — Disney Medley, “The Lion King,” and Journey — as well as the Beacon of Magic version for Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary. These shows run periodically after sunset, allowing guests to experience a special treat on their way out of the park. Currently Disney’s Animal Kingdom closes at 8:00p.m. daily through the rest of March, and at 7:00p.m. during April. Sunsets will start landing around 7:30 to 7:45p.m. once Daylight Savings Time takes effect, leaving no time to sufficiently darken for the projections.

Last year the shows ended in April and did not return again until October 1.

This also means tonight and tomorrow are your final chances to catch the Disney’s Animal Kingdom Beacon of Magic show before the 50th Anniversary ends on March 31. You can also watch the show below.

Are you disappointed that you won’t catch the Tree of Life Awakenings for a while? Let us know in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “Tree of Life Awakenings Showtimes End March 11 at Disney’s Animal Kingdom”

  1. So disappointed, Tree of life Awekening was on our list to watch when we are at WDW next month, the week of April 16th.

  2. Return rivers of light please no one knows what this tree thing is and no one cares. Its like the dumb kites! Even my kid whom wants to be wdi said its dumbest thing someone thought about. Where as Rivers of light was intresting insightful and fit dak! And i mean the orginal version not the we gave in version that killed the show. Your at the edu park you get an edu eclectic night show do not like it dont go your not target audience and the real fans will keep it and daks message alive. We Are One! How about a one night return for anniversary please? I could hope right.

  3. Yes I’m upset 😞 I Wish they could just push closing time back and the show ! We go in may and I was looking forward to this !

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