Unauthorized Disney Ear Headband Creator Trespassed from Walt Disney World & Disneyland Amidst Lawsuit

Spencer Lloyd

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Unauthorized Disney Ear Headband Creator Trespassed from Walt Disney World & Disneyland Amidst Lawsuit

Spencer Lloyd

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Unauthorized Disney Ear Headband Creator Trespassed from Walt Disney World & Disneyland Amidst Lawsuit

For more than a year, Christopher and Hannah Martin, creators of the Sparkling Dreamers site selling homemade Disney ear headbands, have been embattled in a legal dispute with The Walt Disney Company over their merchandise featuring Disney characters and properties. Now as litigation continues, one of them was unceremoniously removed from Walt Disney World property today by security Cast Members and asked never to return.

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Christopher Martin was escorted out of the Magic Kingdom today by Orange County deputies as well as Disney security, posting an Instagram Reel his walkout flanked by deputies and Disney security. he claimed later on an 18-minute Facebook Live stream from the taxi escorting him off-property that the reason given to him was “something about Annual Pass violations.”

According to Gabrielle Russon on Florida Politics, the Martins sold hundreds or even thousands of unauthorized Disney merchandise items through their “Secret Disney Group” on Facebook, later retitled Sparkling Dreamers. After gaining more than 35,000 followers, Disney sent a cease-and-desist notice in December 2021, stating they wanted to avoid full-scale litigation in exchange for shutting down their unauthorized operations. The company claims the couple instead “made superficial changes to their business and continued selling counterfeit items.”

Additionally, the couple later attempted to trademark the name Sparkling Dreamers, with Disney stating their logo was “evoking Disneyland’s iconic park entrance.”


Were being sued by THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY! We have remained quiet, up til now, but we want our voice to be heard! Bloggers, tiktokers & more are not telling the correct story… its time we clear the air on this all. #lawsuit #suedbydisney

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Martin posted a TikTok in late January detailing his 700-page complaint from Disney related to his merchandise business. In the complaint, Disney states the couple “has not only ignored Plaintiffs’ demand to surrender any and all infringing merchandise within its possession, but has used sales promotions to sell as many infringing products as quickly as possible — including as recently as November 2022.”

In a video posted on social media, the couple has now disclosed that the ongoing litigation has led to a lifetime ban for Hannah, as well, including any potential trips the couple may have planned for Disneyland Resort.

Martin says he will be in contact with his attorney over the trespass from Walt Disney World property as well as the continuing litigation, and intends to visit Disneyland Resort next week. As of press, their website is still active and accepting orders despite the ongoing legal battle.

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  1. This man is a very cocky rude made who flaunts the money he has made with his Mercedes g class as just one example. This does not surprise me at all. He flaunted this lifestyle with his previous girlfriend also and apparently has a thing for the same type of woman as his new wife flaunts this “rich” lifestyle as well. Glad someone finally took him down.

  2. My understanding is that he was selling ears while on property. All of the other information is irrelevant.

  3. He has imperiled himself by not complying with their threat of legal action. Disney tried to give him an easy way out and he will regret not taking it. As for their trespass he has no recourse. As with all private property the owner controls who can access it. There is no absolutely no right to access.

  4. Good for you guys fight these greedy conglomerates ,the Disney multi million dollar company wants it all I say why do ppl buy this expensive tat anyway it only ends up in either a garage sale or a thrift shop ,worse still a cardboard box in some long lost attic

  5. Lol seriously your selling Disney products illegally pocketing all the profits from using Disney and now you are actually taking on the multi billion maybe even trillion dollar industry in court lmao you must be insane.. you should just plead insanity

  6. It seems to me that if Mickey Mouse is going into the public domain, but they ought to be able to sell Mickey Mouse headbands, as long as they don’t put the Disney label on it to make people think that it was actually made as an official Disney item.

  7. Disney World and Disneyland are supposed to be the happiest places on Earth. You’d be surprised that they can nasty, too. However, if a seller sells Disney stuff without permission from Disney, he or she should expect legal action.

    Even a Disney enthusiast could make a suggestion to Disney about something, but expect a harsh answer from their lawyers.

    Bottom line: come to the parks and have a good time. Don’t mess with Disney, though.

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