VIDEO: Disneyland Guest Drags Child on Leash Across Ground in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Shannen Ace

VIDEO: Disneyland Guest Drags Child on Leash Across Ground in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

A Disneyland guest was caught on video dragging her child on his safety leash across the ground of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

TikTok user @casey.callihan20 shared the video embedded above, in which the child stumbles and turns himself over as his guardian pulls him behind her to the edge of the sidewalk. The child appears uninjured. The guardian appeared to not notice or not care that their child was being dragged along the pathway.

Attention has dramatically increased on guest incidents and misconduct in the Disney Parks as social media continues to increase in popularity, particularly on short-form video platforms like TikTok.

Recent viral incidents at Disneyland Resort include a guest sneaking a firework in for photos, a guest climbing onto a Lunar New Year processional float, a pair of guests drinking Splash Mountain water and eating a bread bowl on Incredicoaster, and a prohibited drone crashing in Frontierland.

Over at Walt Disney World, a family made elevated shoes to sneak their child onto rides and a guest flashed her breasts in EPCOT.

Both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort have added “courtesy” sections to their websites asking guests to “treat others with respect, kindness, and compassion.”

How do you feel about this parent dragging their child around Disneyland? Let us know in the comments below!

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16 thoughts on “VIDEO: Disneyland Guest Drags Child on Leash Across Ground in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge”

  1. This is physical, emotional, and mental abuse of a child. It’s disgusting to know people not only approve of it, but also applaud it. It’s hard to teach your child how to use their words and how to act in public when you you treat them like they are trash. 😡
    I hope she gets arrested.

  2. Leashes are to keep from losing your children, not for dragging them.
    While, as a mother, I can understand a bit of frustration when your child becomes stubborn and won’t move in the direction you need them to go, that’s when you pick them up and carry them, leash or not. Never drag them.

  3. She should be reported to the Department of Child Services. This is disgusting. I feel for that little boy. If she treats him like that in public, at Disneyland nonetheless, I can’t imagine how she treats him at home.

  4. It’s certainly disgraceful to see grown adults behaving in this fashion. Placing the safety of children in jeapardy and doing things that cause harm to others is certainly evidence that people are loosing morality.

  5. Oh my Gosh!!! When your children get tired at the parks TAKE them back to their room and let the take a nap or wait to go until they are older. This woman should be charged with child abuse, because that’s what this is!
    WOW!!! This is incredibly horrifying!
    Poor baby. 😓😓😓

  6. Our family use to go to Disneyland 4 times a year for abput a week at a time also traveling from Utah. Me my self have been going to Disneyland since there was a parking lot put front and I’m 37 years old. I can’t talk about Disneyworld because I’ve never been but Disneyland has gone way down hill over the years and it’s upsetting to us true Disneyland fans/Lovers.

  7. That is never acceptable, ever. Thankful that it seemed like a very short distance I hope.
    I couldn’t tell from video. I would have been the mom who would have stepped in and called her out on that.

  8. I think she should be arrested for child abuse. That’s horrible. Probably doesn’t think she’s doing anything wrong.

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