PHOTOS: New ‘Encanto’ Loungefly Mini-Backpack Arrives at Disney Springs

Lisa Stump

We found a new "Encanto" Loungefly at World of Disney.

PHOTOS: New ‘Encanto’ Loungefly Mini-Backpack Arrives at Disney Springs

We spied a new “Encanto” themed Loungefly mini-backpack at World of Disney in Disney Springs. This bag is also currently available on shopDisney.

‘Encanto’ Loungefly Mini-Backpack – $88

We found a new "Encanto" Loungefly at World of Disney.

You may feel like you can handle every family burden when sporting this new, deep eggplant Loungefly mini-backpack. It features Luisa leaping through a field of embroidered flowers and dumbbells atop her donkey unicorn.

Encanto Loungefly 4

The embroidered flowers and dumbbells are found on the bag’s side pockets, too. The bag has a copper zipper with matching zipper pulls and strap adjustment hardware.

Encanto Loungefly 5

Both sides of the bag feature the satin stitch embroidery. Yellow and purple dominate the color palette. In some lighting, the bag appears to be a deep Navy blue.

Encanto Loungefly 1

The straps are padded and are made of the same simulated leather.

Encanto Loungefly 6

This Disney Parks Loungefly backpack has a metal branding plaque in a dark blue with gold lettering. Luisa smiles seated atop her donkey unicorn, and sparkles surround them. This image is printed on the bag.

Encanto Loungefly 3

The front flap reads “Being Strong is Fabulous” in copper script, and a copper dumbbell clasp is seated beneath the lettering. We think this is a unique feature, as most Loungefly backpacks do not have a shaped clasp. Two butterflies flank the front pocket, and flowers are printed in the two corners below.

Encanto Loungefly 8

The back also has a printed image of Luisa holding a surprised donkey on one shoulder. More dumbbells and florals surround them.

Encanto Loungefly 7

The interior liner fabric is a royal blue color with yellow and white flowers. Blue dumbbells and greenery also pepper the pattern. Luisa is pictured in several different poses as well.

Loungefly Design Features

Loungefly bags have unique design features that make them different from other mini-backpacks. Based on these elements, a consumer can know a lot about a particular piece simply by looking at the branding plaque. Let’s take a closer look at these details.


Each backpack, cross-body bag, and purse made by Loungefly has a branding plate, or plaque, that communicates the overall value of the bag.

The nicest, most high-quality and expensive bags feature metal plates. These are the only ones found at Disney Parks. They are also found on high-end backpacks or limited-edition Loungefly accessories sold elsewhere. The more economically priced bags feature a fabric tag instead.

Zipper Pulls

The bags featuring a fabric tag are not made more poorly; they simply have fewer upscale design features included in the piece. For example, a metal-tagged bag will usually have a themed pattern on the interior lining, and possibly a shaped zipper pull, often made of enamel and always themed after the bag’s motif. Fabric-tagged bags will not have these features, and will always have a standard zipper.


Loungefly backpacks, regardless of price, have straps that are crafted to be durable. The bags featuring metal plaques have padding in the straps for extra comfort. Fabric tagged items do not have the extra cushioning.

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