PHOTOS, VIDEO: Tour the Special Tokyo Disney Resort 40th Anniversary Room at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

Spencer Lloyd

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Tour the Special Tokyo Disney Resort 40th Anniversary Room at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

Spencer Lloyd

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Tour the Special Tokyo Disney Resort 40th Anniversary Room at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

Starting April 15, Tokyo Disney Resort kicked off its 40th Anniversary “Dream-Go-Round” celebration, which features the wonderful new “Disney Harmony in Color” parade at Tokyo Disneyland, as well as plenty of new food and merchandise items. But perhaps the most special of these offerings is a new themed hotel room at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, available for a limited time only!

Room Key

TDLHotel40thAnniversaryRoom 1

Guests are given a special room key in a pennant-shaped cardboard container for the anniversary. The design shows the dreamy orange-ish art used for the anniversary featuring Cinderella Castle along with Mickey and the gang. The 40th logo is below, and the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel logo is on the tip.

TDLHotel40thAnniversaryRoom 2

Inside the cover is the room number along with your check-out date. The key features the same art as the cover.

TDLHotel40thAnniversaryRoom 3

Unlike most room keys given out, guests are allowed to take these keys home.

TDLHotel40thAnniversaryRoom 4

The back features a gradient from orange to blue with a white version of the 40 logo.


TDLHotel40thAnniversaryRoom 9

Much of the room remains the same as the traditional standard room at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, which you can learn more about in our original room tour last year. One immediate change is the new decal on the vanity mirror near the entry area.

TDLHotel40thAnniversaryRoom 10

While it does somewhat sacrifice visibility for charm, the new vanity mirror shows off the various colored petals from “Disney Harmony in Color” around the borders along with starburst silhouettes. The 40 logo sits at the bottom, and a trail of pixie dust rises from where the guest’s head would be.

TDLHotel40thAnniversaryRoom 12
TDLHotel40thAnniversaryRoom 13
TDLHotel40thAnniversaryRoom 14

Above the mini-fridge are two framed art pieces reminiscent of the art used in some 40th Anniversary items sold within the parks and even just downstairs.


TDLHotel40thAnniversaryRoom 11

The main room is decked out in specially-created 40th Anniversary decor.

TDLHotel40thAnniversaryRoom 16

Bed runners, wallpaper, and even a special curtain all help bring the atmosphere to life.

TDLHotel40thAnniversaryRoom 17
TDLHotel40thAnniversaryRoom 18

There’s also a special alcove bed featuring even more 40th touches.

TDLHotel40thAnniversaryRoom 20
TDLHotel40thAnniversaryRoom 21

Special iridescent curtains hang from both sides of the alcove, while a unique bedspread is set across the bed itself.

TDLHotel40thAnniversaryRoom 19
TDLHotel40thAnniversaryRoom 24

The bedspread side shows off those colored petals along with silhouettes of Tinker Bell, Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Chip, and Dale.

TDLHotel40thAnniversaryRoom 22
TDLHotel40thAnniversaryRoom 23

The spread features silhouettes of buildings and areas from across both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, including the Disney Resort Line monorail, Mermaid Lagoon, Port Discovery, the Nautilus, the AquaSphere, Mount Prometheus, and “it’s a small world.” Each is featured in multicolor triangles to represent the Dream Garland bunting which hangs throughout the resort.

TDLHotel40thAnniversaryRoom 25

A small rug created in the shape of a cloud was custom-produced for the room as well.

TDLHotel40thAnniversaryRoom 28

Hanging in front of the window is a full scale curtain with the 40th key art on it. When it’s daylight out, the curtain is illuminated from behind to showcase this wonderful artwork and cover one entire wall in the room with 40th Anniversary art.

TDLHotel40thAnniversaryRoom 30

The 40th touches are part of the regular beds as well.

TDLHotel40thAnniversaryRoom 37
TDLHotel40thAnniversaryRoom 31
TDLHotel40thAnniversaryRoom 36

The bed runner on both beds features the orange-hued Cinderella Castle surrounded by clouds, pixie dust, and Dream Garland. Unlike all other art of the anniversary, the Disney characters are not featured.

TDLHotel40thAnniversaryRoom 32

Above both twin beds, we find the characters along with plenty of Dream Garland in the wallpaper.

TDLHotel40thAnniversaryRoom 33

The left side shows Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto in their special 40th Anniversary garb.

TDLHotel40thAnniversaryRoom 35

In the center we see Goofy and the 40 logo.

Special Gifts

TDLHotel40thAnniversaryRoom 38

All guests staying at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel are entitled to these 40th Anniversary postcards, which show off either Mickey or Minnie underneath a 40 logo and Dream Garland.

TDLHotel40thAnniversaryRoom 5

But exclusive to guests in this room are these four zipper pouches. All four featurs the Anniversary key art so commonly seen throughout the room.

TDLHotel40thAnniversaryRoom 6
TDLHotel40thAnniversaryRoom 8

On the back is the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel logo along with the pattern from the alcove bed spread. This design is peach on the inside.

TDLHotel40thAnniversaryRoom 7

All four of these may be turned inside out. The other three pouches — in blue, pink, and purple, have plain designs with a 40th patch on the lower three quarters, while the top quarter has Dream Garland silhouettes along with those of the Disney friends.

You can watch our full room tour above courtesy of our YouTube channel.

Would you want to stay in this lovely Tokyo Disney Resort 40th Anniversary hotel room at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel? Let us know in the comments below!

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