TRON Lightcycle Run Virtual Queue Stays Open for Record 93 Minutes

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TRON Lightcycle / Run at night

TRON Lightcycle Run Virtual Queue Stays Open for Record 93 Minutes

The 1 p.m. Virtual Queue allotment for TRON Lightcycle Run at Magic Kingdom did not fill up for a new record of 93 minutes, marking the first time park-hopping guests have ever received enough time to secure a spot.

The virtual queue lasted exponentially longer than its average disappearance in a matter of mere seconds. Prices for the Genie+ service also dropped from $35 to $25, per person per day.

tron lightcycle run
Source: Orlando Sentinel

As of April 15, there is no stand-by queue available for this attraction, and the only way to ride is through the Virtual Queue or Lightning Lane. A valid ticket with an accompanying Magic Kingdom park reservation is also essential. Those who hop from another park do technically have the ability to secure a spot once they enter the park, if there is still capacity.

Virtual Queue is free and dispensed twice each day — once at 7 a.m. (which you can book remotely with a valid park reservation through the My Disney Experience app) and again at 1 p.m. (all guests must be physically in the park at this time). Guests are placed in boarding groups, and updated throughout the day on which groups are being called. Everyone is allotted a one hour window to arrive at the attraction, currently with an added hour of forgiveness. It is of paramount importance to remember this time-frame is quite strict and firmly enforced. Do not expect the same flexibility currently permitted for the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind Virtual Queue in EPCOT.

Lightning Lane prices vary each day, but are always booked through the Disney Genie section of the aforementioned mobile app. For the Ligtning Lane, specific return times for each party are selected. Resort and partner hotel guests receive an early opportunity to purchase their selections at 7 a.m. — the opportunity then opens to everybody at the posted opening time for the park.

While the gradual end of Spring Break and Easter season is leading to a reduction in crowds, anyone hoping to board TRON should still be mindful of its newness, popularity, and the swiftness of the virtual system. On its official opening day, all Lightning Lane availability was gone, bought up exclusively by hotel guests, before Magic Kingdom even opened.

What is TRON Lightcycle Run?

TRON Lightcycle Run, officially branded TRON Lightcycle / Run, is a high-speed roller coaster experience with sudden acceleration, sharp turns, drops, and a style of seating and restraints reminiscent of a motorcycle or bicycle. It is a replica of the original version that debuted at Shanghai Disneyland as an opening day attraction in 2016.

The queue, canopy area, and attraction itself all take inspiration from the 1982 film “TRON” and its 2010 sequel, “TRON Legacy.” The original played a pivotal role in the history and development of computer animation in movies.

We have a full guide to TRON and its associated new offerings right here.

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