Mickey’s Premium Ice Bars Receive Disney100 Wrapper Makeover at Walt Disney World

Spencer Lloyd

Mickey’s Premium Ice Bars Receive Disney100 Wrapper Makeover at Walt Disney World

For decades, guests have enjoyed Mickey’s Premium Ice Bars, those Mickey Mouse-shaped vanilla ice cream sticks covered in chocolate drizzle. And to celebrate both that longstanding legacy and the ongoing Disney100 celebration, the bars sold around Walt Disney World have received a makeover!


The Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar wrapper until recently featured art depicting the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary celebration, introduced in October 2021. Now that the World’s Most Magical Celebration has come to a close, Disney has replaced that design with a new one featuring the Disney 100 Years of Wonder art and colors.

Now the words are outlined in purple and white or platinum, in line with the Disney100 color scheme. The main wrapper also features a primarily purple background with platinum starbursts. Mickey drawn in his vintage style with purple and platinum costume sits to the right.

The contents of the Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar have not changed, and still remain the same as they always have.

These bars are available at all four Walt Disney World theme parks, as well as all resort hotels in the freezer section of their respective shops.

How do you feel about the new Disney100 wrapper on Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bars? Let us know in the comments below!

Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar-Themed Merchandise

If you want to show off your pride for Mickey Mouse-shaped ice cream bars, several items have released in the past year which draw inspiration from these beloved frozen treats enjoyed at Walt Disney World since the 1980s!

mickey ice cream bar ears 0

Last summer we found a Loungefly ear headband at Disney’s Hollywood Studios themed to the ubiquitous sweet. The ears are cream-colored with an all-over pattern of the classic Mickey-shaped ice cream treat.

mickey ice cream bar ears 5

Some of the Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bars pictured have bites taken out of one of their ears. The headband is also scented! It smells like cocoa powder.

mickey ice cream bar ears 4

The bow is a chocolate brown on top and cream color on the bottom, with “drips” in the chocolate section. A silicone Mickey Premium Bar is at the center of the bow. It also has a bite taken out of one ear.

mickey ice cream bar ears 7

The headband is brown, and the edges of the ears are a darker tan color. A Disney and Loungefly plaque is on the right side of the headband. The pattern of Mickey Premium Bars continues on the back of the ear headband.

loungefly id holder 4

Other Loungefly items we found include this ID holder with similar patterns. A small Mickey ice cream bar charm hangs from the lanyard, which also features a Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar pattern.

loungefly id holder 3

The actual ID holder has a transparent card slot. The pleather around the transparent window is brown. The interior is patterned with Mickey bars.

loungefly id holder 10

We also found a retractable version last year, which featured the iconic treat more prominently. One side features a Mickey ice cream bar against an off-white background with chocolate dripping from the top. The bar has a bite taken out of one ear.

loungefly id holder 11

The other side looked the same as the lanyard version.

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