Disneyland Paris Files Building Permit and Posts Auditions For Rumored BMX Stunt Show


Disneyland Paris Files Building Permit and Posts Auditions For Rumored BMX Stunt Show

Disneyland Paris has filed a building permit for what may be a future BMX stunt show.

Disneyland Paris

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On May 15, a building permit was filed for the “construction of metal sets, a training tent, and technical rooms inside the stage area of the existing building.”

According to DLP Report on Twitter, Disneyland Paris posted on their job page that they are looking for “BMX Riders Freestyle” and “Mountain Bike Riders Street Trial” stunt performers for an upcoming show.

Auditions will be held and are open until October 2, 2023. The performers contracts would run from February to September 2024.

Disneyland Paris used to have Moteurs…Action! — a stunt show very similar to Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Moteurs…Action! was an opening day attraction in Walt Disney Studios Park in Disneyland Paris and closed in 2020.

Walt Disney Studios Park is also home to another stunt show, Avengers Unite!, where guests can watch Black Widow and Black Panther team up for an “epic roof battle.”

Moteurs Action! Stunt Show Spectacular in Walt Disney Studios Park, Disneyland Paris, April 2018.

Coming Soon to Walt Disney Studios Park

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As part of a long-term plan to boost the resort’s revenue in 2018, Disney CEO Robert A. Iger and French President Emmanuel Macron met at the official Parisian Presidential residence — the Palais de’Élysée — where Iger announced a staggering multi-billion, multi-year expansion of the resort, almost entirely emphasizing the Studios park.

Disneyland Paris is adding several new themed lands as part of its planned expansion.
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The plan tentatively teased three new areas based on “Frozen,” “Star Wars,” and “The Avengers,” to be opened in phases. While the Galaxy’s Edge land has likely been canceled, speculation of a potential “Avatar” land now stands in its place. 

In almost prophetic fashion, Iger, who initially retired in 2021 before a surprise return, expressed his excitement for this endeavor as added motivation in the twilight years of his leadership. At the time of the initial announcement, he was interviewed by French-language weekly news magazine Paris Match — and confronted about both his age and the fact that he was undertaking such a colossal blueprint whilst already postponing his retirement four times: 

Je travaille pour l’entreprise depuis quarante-quatre ans, je suis PDG depuis treize ans. J’avais hâte d’arriver à ce moment de la vie où on peut explorer d’autres aventures, mais cette opportunité est survenue. Non seulement je pense que c’est une opportunité formidable pour l’entreprise, mais aussi que cela me donnera beaucoup d’énergie et d’enthousiasme.

I have worked for the company for forty-four years, I have been CEO for thirteen years. I was looking forward to getting to that time in life where you can explore other adventures, but this opportunity arose. Not only do I think this is a great opportunity for the company, but it will also give me a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

The official Disney Parks Blog shared a video update on progress from Walt Disney Imagineering, featuring the artisans tasked with this herculean effort:

As you can see, over at the “Frozen”-themed land, inspired by the hit Walt Disney Animation Studios films, the kingdom of Anna and Elsa is taking shape and reaching for the sky more and more every day. Nearby the Arendelle Castle, the teams have welcomed their very first trees, giving new life to the construction site. To recreate the atmosphere of a Norwegian Fjörd, the area development and construction teams chose to use majestic conifers such as sequoia trees, which reach more than 22 feet in height.

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