Gaston’s Fountain Dry for Over a Week at Magic Kingdom

Spencer Lloyd

Gaston’s Fountain Dry for Over a Week at Magic Kingdom

If you happen to venture out to Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom hoping to see Gaston and LeFou in their humorous fountain, you might be a bit disappointed, as it has been dry more than a week.

Gaston’s Fountain Dried Out


A recent visit to New Fantasyland shows that while everything else seems to be in working order, the comical fountain featuring Gaston and LeFou remains dry.


Typically, water flows out the barrel in Gaston’s right hand and out of the two mugs LeFou held up by LeFou. But the fountain remains dry.


The basin is also bone-dry, with no signs of an issue or any construction underway in the fountain. All coins in the fountain have been cleaned out.

Our first visit seeing the fountain dry was on May 9, eight days ago. Planters have not been installed around it, and the fountain remains without water for an undetermined amount of time. Other fountains around the Magic Kingdom remain filled and operating.

The Gaston and LeFou fountain was installed in 2011 when New Fantasyland opened, just outside Gaston’s Tavern at the Magic Kingdom. A clone was later installed in the Belle’s Village area of Fantasyland at Tokyo Disneyland in 2020, when their massive expansion opened including an E-ticket trackless “Beauty and the Beast” attraction. It features Gaston standing on a boulder with LeFou below. Gaston with a triumphant expression holds two barrels in his arms while LeFou stands below looking terrified, one mug on his right foot and one in his left hand while Gaston’s other foot rests on his extended left arm.

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The Master’s Cupcake Returns to Gaston’s Tavern

The Master’s Cupcake — $5.79

Chocolate Cupcake topped with “The Grey Stuff” and Crispy Pearls

the master's cupcake

After making its return for the first time since before Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebration began, The Master’s Cupcake looks a bit different than before. At one point, this item was listed as “The Grey Stuff” cupcake.

masters cupcake193

It now features a red rose on top, gold and bronze “crispy pearls,” and some shimmery glitter featured on the infamous “Grey Stuff.” The rose featured on top is made of fondant and is just okay. It has a generic cake icing flavor.

masters cupcake216

This cupcake was quite delicious. It has your typical chocolate cake base, which is very moist and tastes fresh. Then it is topped with a buttercream grey frosting that is not too sweet but is cooler in temperature, which makes it truly delicious. The crispy pearls along the outside don’t have much flavor but are a great crunch and texture contrast to the cool frosting and moist cake.

masters cupcake238

Overall, we enjoyed this cupcake. The size is okay for the value and feels a little bigger than the original cupcake featured in the past. This is something we would come back for.

masters cupcake240

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