Disney Lorcana Will Not Have Competitive Play in First Year, Set 7 Already in Development

Jonathan D

Disney Lorcana logo with Elsa, Mickey, and Maleficent

Disney Lorcana Will Not Have Competitive Play in First Year, Set 7 Already in Development

Some major announcements were revealed by Lorcana France TCG at a Ravensburger demo session for Disney Lorcana today, as French stores enjoyed a close-up experience and new information regarding the upcoming trading card game.

Mushu Report also offered a comprehensive overview of everything that was announced.

No Lorcana Competitions in First Year

In addition to a detailed look at the six foil cards first revealed at GAMA Expo (seen above), multiple tweets went out about the game’s production timeline and anticipated competition element — most notably the fact that Lorcana will not host any organized competitive play during its first year of release.

Pas de scene competitive la première année. Ils attendent qu’il y est un pool de cartes suffisant et une base joueurs solide.

No competitive scene the first year. They expect there to be a sufficient card pool and a solid player base.

For a card game, this decision is somewhat unusual, as competitions are what keep most brands alive and popular — though Ravensburger has continually expressed a commitment to casual players attracted by the game’s wealth of intellectual properties, and has also indicated a desire to build up the card pool and player base before formalizing tournaments.

Usually, an announcement of some sort of judge training program would be made in order to begin the promotion of third party events, though no information on the subject has been released yet.

Disney Lorcana trading cards

Regarding the release of future cards, Sets 2 and 3 are being printed now, while Sets 4 and 5 are in the design process. Promotional cards for the first two sets, including the Illumineer’s Trove, will be exclusively produced in English — though other languages should become available from Set 3 onward.

Set 2 will be released in local game stores November 17, followed by major retailers December 1. This delayed access for the big-box chains aims to reinforce a commitment to smaller businesses for the launch.

Lorcana Rules

For anyone unfamiliar with what this game is all about, the rules describe it as a “race to locate pieces of lore scattered across Lorcana,” so they may be collected and protected. Players build decks of sixty cards custom-made through the purchase of packs or can purchase a pre-assembled one. Utilizing characters, items, and songs — players challenge opponents and complete quests in order to win the match with 20 or more lore.

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