FIRST LOOK: Disney Lorcana Rules Revealed

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FIRST LOOK: Disney Lorcana Rules Revealed

Game Trade Magazine published the basic ruleset and game league expectations for Illumineer-hopefuls. The highly-anticipated trading card game, Disney Lorcana, is set to launch starting August 18 in local gaming stores. Sales will expand to shopDisney in September.

Disney Lorcana Rules Revealed

Game Trade Magazine issue 279 has been released to subscribers with details on Disney Lorcana gameplay.

Disney Lorcana rules revealed today.
Image source: Game Trade Magazine
Disney Lorcana rules revealed today.
Image source: Game Trade Magazine

In the article, the following rules are reviewed:

  • The first player to gather 20 lore wins.
  • Players use a 60-card deck including “glimmers” of Disney characters as well as items and songs.
  • Players can build their own deck using up to two inks or one of the pre-built starter decks.
  • Players begin the game with a hand of seven cards and draw a new card each turn.
  • Once per turn, a player may turn a card into ink, which they use to play other cards from their hand.
  • All cards have an ink cost that can be paid with the ink in the player’s inkwell.
  • Each turn, players can exert characters to have them go on a quest for lore. Cards are turned sideways (also known as “tapping”) to show they’re exerted. Players then receive the amount of lore shown on the respective cards.
  • Players can also exert (exhaust, tap) their characters to challenge other characters, and possibly banish them.
  • Only exerted characters can be challenged, presenting a unique opportunity for strategy.

League Play for Disney Lorcana

Disney Lorcana trading cards

In addition, the article outlines league expectations:

The Lorcana League gives you a fun and friendly way to play, trade and collect with other Illumineers. In League play, local game stores will host 12 weeks of events, broken up into three rounds. You can earn League points, win or lose, by participating in casual Disney Lorcana matches (best two of three games) and through Lorcana related activities, such as teaching someone how to play. Prizes are awarded to most of the participants, and those with the most points in each round are given a modest additional prize.

The First Chapter

Lorcana e1681154939404
Image source: Game Trade Magazine

The initial release of Disney Lorcana, entitled The First Chapter, will include starter decks and booster packs.

Lorcana 1 e1681154925268
Image source: Game Trade Magazine

A gift set and a collector’s edition, the “Illumineer’s Trove” will be available on purchase.

Gift Set

The gift set comes with the following:

  • Two oversized foil cards
    • Hades – King of Olympus
    • Mulan – Imperial Soldier
  • Two playable foil cards
  • 34 game tokens
  • Four booster packs

Illumineer’s Trove

The Illumineer’s Trove includes:

  • One storage box
  • Two deck boxes
  • Eight booster packs
  • 15 game tokens
  • One player’s guide

Disney Lorcana Accessories

Disney Lorcana will be releasing accessories alongside the trading card game in August.
Image source: Game Trade Magazine

Several accessories will be released at the same time as The First Chapter, and are pictured above.

Card Sleeves

Each pack will contain 65 matte-finished card sleeves featuring a Disney Lorcana “glimmer,” which is a stylized representation of a Disney character rendered specifically for Disney Lorcana. The first characters featured will be Captain Hook, Elsa, and Mickey Mouse. If you’re interested in buying larger quantities, there are 40 packs of sleeves in a case.

Deck Boxes

Each deck box can hold up to 80 sleeved cards. The first Disney Lorcana deck boxes will feature the same characters as the sleeves, for players who like to match their accessories. Captain Hook, Elsa, and Mickey Mouse will be available. Should you choose to buy in bulk here, you will receive 24 deck boxes in a case.


Each playmat features artwork of Disney characters. Similar to a mouse pad, these mats are meant to protect your card collection as well as your tabletop. It features a rubbery, anti-slip bottom to help keep the mat in place during use. Unlike the deck boxes and card sleeves, the first Disney Lorcana playmats will feature Maleficent, Maui, and Mickey Mouse. Buying these by the case will get you 12 playmats per case.


Finally, players can further protect their investment with portable card portfolios. Each holds 64 standard cards as well as eight oversized cards. The first card portfolios will feature Stitch and The Evil Queen. A case contains 12 portfolios.

Are you hyped for Disney Lorcana and all the accessories planned for launch in August? We’d love to see you talk strategy in the comments below.

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