More Details Revealed on Star Wars: Unlimited Trading Card Game in New Interview

Spencer Lloyd

More Details Revealed on Star Wars: Unlimited Trading Card Game in New Interview

As if one Disney trading card game wasn’t enough, we now have a look at the second major Disney trading card game on its way — Star Wars: Unlimited! Thanks to a new interview in Gamesradar, we have some insights into the upcoming foray into a galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars: Unlimited Trading Card Game


Gamesradar sat down recently with the Star Wars: Unlimited product strategy director Jim Cartwright to get the latest details on the game.

He started off by discussing how many card games try to rely on gimmicks to stand out, and that they wanted to not do so. “Many times, [Fantasy Flight] has tried to disrupt what TCGs mean, or what card games mean. And I think that we wanted to lean into the idea of making a game that, instead of subverting expectations, really kind of leans into what fans want from a card game,” he tells. “We aren’t trying to add complications, like dice, which have been [used in] a couple of the Star Wars card games that have existed in the market. We want to make a traditional deck-building experience in a way that, you know, some of the other games that we’ve done have not. We want to lean into those aspects. So it’s really about, ‘hey, here’s a bunch of cards that you can collect, you can put together in the way that is most fun for you’. And then you get to play out your Star Wars toy box experience.”

He says the limited play styles, while ironic given the game’s name, are baked in to the game’s DNA, and that the game is designed to be accessible to newcomers with limited learning curve while also well-suited for competitive players. They focused on this “so that playing becomes intuitive, it becomes very much the game you want to play as opposed to like, ‘oh, I really wish this mechanic did this instead.’ And I’m sure we’ll get some of that, of course, because everyone’s tastes differ. But for the most part, philosophically, we wanted to lean into the things that, when you looked at [the mechanics], you went, well, that’s what I want to do.”

The team also has thought about mixing different eras and even art styles for Star Wars: Unlimited, but won’t speak too much on the deck-building part of the game just yet. “We don’t want to pigeonhole ourselves exclusively in eras. I can’t go too much into the details of what that exactly means, [but] there’s a couple of different lenses you can take when looking at Star Wars and its continuity, so we are approaching the content in a way that takes advantage of those lenses in different ways,” he said.

Star Wars: Unlimited is targeting a 2024 release, with three additional decks coming per year to keep things fresh. Are you excited about playing a new Star Wars card game? Let us know in the comments below!

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