New Princess Tea Set Celebrating Disney100 at Crystal Arts by Arribas Brothers in Disney Springs

Lisa Stump

New Princess Tea Set Celebrating Disney100 at Crystal Arts by Arribas Brothers in Disney Springs

We spotted a new tea set at Crystal Arts by Arribas Brothers in Disney Springs. It features five different princesses and is part of the Disney100 Anniversary Celebration merchandise.

Cup and Saucer Set – $149

Five Disney Princesses are featured in this line. Each cup and saucer is sold separately as an individual set. In order to purchase all five princesses sets, the cost would be $745.

Crystal Arts Disney Princess 2

Ariel is featured on one of the four sets.

Crystal Arts Disney Princess 3

A silver image of King Triton’s castle is pictured on the saucer, and a variety of iconography inspired by “The Little Mermaid” surrounds the dish. A silhouette of Ariel, a crown, and a flower are amongst the images shown. Ariel is also displayed in a delicate, painterly style on the interior of the tea cup. She holds a bouquet of flowers. A “100” is hidden amongst the dangling leaves and two swirls of fish.

Crystal Arts Disney Princess 1

The second featured princess is Belle from “Beauty and the Beast.”

Crystal Arts Disney Princess 10

Beast’s castle is pictured on the saucer, and images of Belle, a crown, and a rose are included in the iconography surrounding the dish’s rim. Additional images representing Cogsworth and Lumiere are also printed on the tea cup.

Belle also holds a bouquet of flowers, and stands in front of a silhouette of Beast. A “100” is hidden here with a rose acting as the “1” just to Belle’s right.

Crystal Arts Disney Princess 8

A silver version of Snow White’s castle is pictured on her accompanying saucer. Her silhouette, the same crown, and a flower surround the plate’s decorative rim.

Crystal Arts Disney Princess 9

The tea cup’s sides feature images of her forest friends, and she also poses alongside them in the cup’s interior. A “100” is painted along the top of the image, and Snow White poses in a seated position with her bouquet of flowers.

Crystal Arts Disney Princess 6

Cinderella’s iconic castle is printed in silver on her saucer. Her images include similar imagery to the previous installments, including a flower, a crown, and her silhouette patterned around the edge.

Crystal Arts Disney Princess 7

She wears her blue gown and holds a large bouquet of flowers, while the streams and ribbons flowing from her dress create a “100” behind her.

A new set of Disney100 Princess fine china is available at Crystal Arts.

The last princess represented in this set is Jasmine. Her saucer follows the same theming as the others, including images of a crown, a different flower, and a silhouette of the princess. On the plate’s background is an image of her recognizable castle and Genie floating in front of it.

Crystal Arts Disney Princess 5

Jasmine’s tea cup has her seated with her knees drawn in, next to the magic lamp. She cradles a flower bouquet and a “100” is printed above her head in a wispy pattern. A sunset gradient sits behind her.

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