New Purple Star Wars Apparel Collection Arrives at Walt Disney World

Justin Giglio

New Purple Star Wars Apparel Collection Arrives at Walt Disney World

While shopping in Disney Springs today, we noticed a new collection of Star Wars apparel at Star Wars Galactic Outpost. Take a look at the different pieces with prices below!

star wars purple merch664

“Don’t Underestimate A Rebel” T-Shirt — $44.99

star wars purple merch725
star wars purple merch728

This purple tee features “Don’t underestimate a Rebel” written on the front with line segments and a circle. “Rebel” is repeated three times.

star wars purple merch730

On the back is the Rebel Alliance logo.

Youth Hooded Top – $49.99

star wars purple merch717

This youth hooded top features a faux set of drawstrings at the center. The Rebel Alliance logo is at the top left-hand breast.

star wars purple merch723

star wars purple merch724

On the back we see “Star Wars” written with fragments of the letters above and below.

star wars purple merch722

Youth T-Shirt with Shoulder Cutout – $49.99

star wars purple merch712

This youth t-shirt features the shoulder of the right arm cut out.

star wars purple merch714

The front reads “Force strong” with the Jedi Order logo in blue. The design has the appearance of paint smudges.

star wars purple merch716

The back side is blank.

Brown Star Wars Sweatpants – $49.99

star wars purple merch708

This brown sweatpants have “Star Wars” printed at different points on each leg. On the thigh for the right leg, on the ankle for the left.

star wars purple merch710
star wars purple merch709
star wars purple merch705

The design is much like the previous youth hoodie where fragments of the letters are repeated above and below.

Grey Star Wars Youth Sweatpants – $29.99

star wars purple merch700
star wars purple merch701
star wars purple merch698

These feature the exact same design as the adult versions but with a grey color instead of brown.

star wars purple merch697

Star Wars Purple Adult Joggers – $49.99

star wars purple merch692

These joggers also feature a similar design, but “Star Wars” is only printed on the left ankle.

star wars purple merch696

The back side is blank

star wars purple merch688

“Always a Rebel” Adult T-Shirt – $44.99

star wars purple merch682

This adult t-shirt is white with a similar paint smudge design to the youth version we saw earlier.

star wars purple merch683

This version reads “Always a Rebel” with a Rebel Alliance symbol below.

star wars purple merch684
star wars purple merch685

The back side is blank, but does have a separated collar area.

Purple Star Wars Cap – $29.99

star wars purple merch673

This five panel hat has the stylized Star Wars wording we’ve seen on other items on the front and top sides.

star wars purple merch681
star wars purple merch680
star wars purple merch679
star wars purple merch677
star wars purple merch676

“Do or Do Not” Youth Long-Sleeve Shirt – $54.99

star wars purple merch669

This denim youth shirt has a slightly distressed look.

star wars purple merch670

The front has the line segment and circles beneath the stylized Star Wars wording.

star wars purple merch665
star wars purple merch667

On the back side we see “Do or Do Not” written in white puffy lettering at the center-top. On the top and bottom of that, we see “There is no try,” completing the iconic Yoda quote.

All of these items are available now in the Star Wars Galactic Outpost at Disney Springs. Let us know if you’ll wear any of these around the galaxy in the comments below!

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