PHOTOS, VIDEO: ‘Club Mouse Beat’ Gets a Special 40th Anniversary End Sequence at Tokyo Disneyland

Spencer Lloyd

PHOTOS, VIDEO: ‘Club Mouse Beat’ Gets a Special 40th Anniversary End Sequence at Tokyo Disneyland

Two years ago, the hip-hop and rock show “Club Mouse Beat” debuted at Tokyo Disneyland, featuring Mickey and his pals opening a dance club named Club Mouse. With the Tokyo Disney Resort 40th Anniversary “Dream-Go-Round” celebration continuing, we finally got a chance to see the updated ending and tag to celebrate the park’s 40th birthday!

Club Mouse Beat 40th Anniversary Version

You can watch a video of the new tag above, or keep reading for photos.

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The tag features an altered and shortened version of “It’s a Good Time,” theme song for Mickey’s 90th birthday which gets reused here. After, it jumps into a special dance round featuring the characters in their 40th Anniversary costumes to the tune of “Living in Color,” a specially created arrangement for this new tag.

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Characters sing and dance around the stage to celebrate the momentous event.

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Finally, confetti cannons shoot off during the final chorus to symbolize the show’s end.

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Before long, the curtains close and the show finally concludes.

Guests can enjoy this special tag for Club Mouse Beat during every performance of the show through the anniversary’s end on March 31, 2024. And of course, don’t miss the new “Disney Harmony in Color” daytime parade running every day as part of the celebration as well.

Club Mouse Beat


The premise of the show is pretty simple — Mickey and his pals have opened a new dance club, the titular Club Mouse, and a number of Disney characters will come out and show off their dance moves from Disney films both classic and overlooked, as well as a few old Tokyo Disney Resort shows.


The show opens with the “Club Mouse” theme song, which is a poppy, catchy, high-energy song that sets the tone for the whole show and gets the audience pumped up.


The first act is, amazingly enough, Goofy and Max dancing to “I 2 I” from “A Goofy Movie.” It is the song the father and son sing and dance to at the film’s climactic concert. That’s right, they really dug into the archives for this show, and it pays off!


Next up is Donald, comically misreading the mood as always. He tries to conduct the first few bars of Beethoven’s Fifth (wearing a wig that strongly resembles the unmistakable composer).


So out come Chip ‘n’ Dale with a good old-fashioned Mambo, a nod to the former “Minnie, Oh! Minnie” which played at Tokyo Disneyland from 2004 through 2018.


If you were ever around during winter from 2017-2019, you might remember the old “Lightning McQueen Victory Lap” that took place in American Waterfront for Pixar Playtime… well they brought it back with a chorus of “Real Gone” from “Cars” for this show, keeping the energy high. There’s even some nostalgic chanting of “Lightning, Lightning, Lightning! McQueen!”


The next nod to TDR is an oldie but goodie. Donald bursts out in an Elvis-like outfit with dancers and brings on a round of 1999’s “Donald’s Super Duck Parade.”


Classic villains like the Big Bad Wolf, the Evil Queen, and Captain Hook (when I say classic, I mean classic) come out to take over Club Mouse, now called “Club Villains” with an incredible banner featuring the Magic Mirror and the original Club Mouse sign in flames. They first dance to “Let’s Get Wicked,” which comes from a Halloween show at Hong Kong Disneyland.


Then comes a round of “Only Tonight”, the finale song from the insanely beloved “Mysterious Masquerade,” the Halloween show at Tokyo DisneySea from 2009-2010.


After the Disney friends regain control of Club Mouse, the next act is Minnie and Daisy singing their number from “Natsu Matsuri: Soryo Kobu,” the 2013 summer event at Tokyo Disneyland.


Donald bursts out yet again, playing matador to win Daisy’s heart.


The curtain then falls for a brief interlude of “Try Everything” from “Zootopia” with Nick and Judy, definitely keeping the energy going.


The show definitely wouldn’t be a dance show without one very famous (or infamous) parks song. That’s right, “It’s a Good Time” makes its Tokyo debut in this show, and this may be the perfect use for this song.

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