New Fräulein Minnie and Edelweiss Germany Pavilion Merchandise Arrives at EPCOT

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New Fräulein Minnie and Edelweiss Germany Pavilion Merchandise Arrives at EPCOT

An entire new selection of apparel, kitchenware, glassware, linens, decorations, and accessories is available at Volkskunst in the Germany Pavilion at EPCOT. This predominantly comprises items themed to Minnie Mouse and the edelweiss, a rare mountain flower celebrated across the Alps in Europe.

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germany epcot new merch

Edelweiss Hanging Wall Decoration – $29.99

germany minnie wall decoration
germany minnie wall decoration 2

The edelweiss is not the official flower of Germany, though its name is of German origin and it is commonly associated with alpine regions within the country. It is a national symbol in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, and Romania. Receiving an edelweiss as a gift symbolizes dedication and bravery from the giver, as mountaineers of old folklore had to climb high over rough and rugged terrain to get it.

“Edelweiss” is also a popular song inspired by the flower, written by the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical duo for “The Sound of Music.”

‘Fräulein Minnie’ Decorative Bowl – $39.99

germany minnie bowl

On this red mug we see Minnie sitting in a traditional German dress, admiring some edelweiss flowers.

germany minnie bowl 2

The back says “Fräulein Minnie” with “Eine schöne Blume” below, which means “a beautiful flower.”

germany minnie bowl 3

‘Minnie in Deutschland’ Mug – $19.99

germany minnie mug

We see the wall hanging as part of the art this time, with Minnie’s silhouette filled with blue and edelweiss flowers. Atop it reads “Minnie in Deutschland,” which is the German way to say Germany. Below it reads “Germany” and “EPCOT World Showcase.”

germany minnie mug 2

The back shows Fräulein Minnie holding a bouquet of edelweiss. Line drawings of traditional German buildings are behind.

‘Minnie in Deutschland’ Apron – $34.99

germany minnie apron

This apron seems to replicate the dress we see in much of the art, with a blouse and bodice pattern atop, and a skirt below which is red with edelweiss flowers all over. Of course since this is an apron, it’s all one piece.

germany minnie apron 2

‘Minnie in Deutschland’ Serviette – $19.99

germany minnie tea towel

Even your table napkins can be Minnie-themed with these “Minnie in Deutschland” napkins, following the dress pattern once more.

germany minnie tea towel 2

‘Minnie in Deutschland’ Trivet – $14.99

germany minnie trivet

This trivet can keep your counter or table from getting burns while also showing off your love for Fräulein Minnie. The front features the silhouette with edelweiss on a field of blue.

germany minnie trivet 2

On the back we see all red with the edelweiss and some Minnie silhouettes.

‘Minnie in Deutschland’ Spatula – $14.99

germany minnie spatula 2

That same pattern of Minnie among the line drawings of German buildings returns on the front of this spatula, which has a silicone tip and a wood handle.

germany minnie spatula

On the back is the Minnie silhouette with edelweiss.

germany minnie spatula 3

‘Fräulein Minnie’ Throw Blanket – $39.99

germany minnie throw blanket

A throw blanket is also available in blue. “Fräulein Minnie” is written atop with “Eine schöne Blume.” On the bottom we see “Germany Pavilion” and “EPCOT World Showcase.” The left and right sides are filled with edelweiss flowers, while Minnie sits admiring one at the center.

Edelweiss Pillow – $29.99

germany minnie pillow

The wall hanging pattern comes back as a pillow, complete with a bow to symbolize Minnie. The flowers are embroidered.

germany minnie pillow 2

The back side is blank.

‘Minnie in Deutschland’ Glass – $29.99

germany minnie glass

This incredibly skinny Collins glass features Fräulein Minnie standing at center with “Minnie in Deutschland” written above and below.

germany minnie glass 3

The back side is filled with edelweiss flowers.

Edelweiss Women’s Shirt – $39.99

germany minnie shirt

This primarily red short-sleeve shirt is designed for women, and features edelweiss floewrs all over interspersed with Minnie Mouse silhouettes.

‘Fräulein Minnie’ Water Bottle – $27.99

germany minnie water bottle

This blue steel water bottle features the same pattern as the blanket on the front, with Fräulein Minnie among the edelweiss and the same labels atop and below.

germany minnie water bottle 2

Edelweiss Women’s Tank Top – $34.99

germany minnie shirt 2

Unlike most items, this tank top has a light blue fabric with the Fräulein Minnie silhouette at the center.

‘Minnie in Deutschland’ Women’s Shirt – $29.99

germany minnie shirt 3
germany minnie shirt 4

On this shirt we see the Minnie in Deutschland art, where she’s among the line art of German buildings holding a bouquet of edelweiss. Below it reads “Germany Pavilion EPCOT World Showcase.”

‘Ich Liebe Edelweiss’ Headband – $34.99

germany minnie headband
germany minnie headband 4

This blue pair of ears features a red sequin bow with blue and white stripes.

germany minnie headband 2
germany minnie headband 3

Each of the ears features embroidered edelweiss.

germany minnie headband 5

On the outside it reads “Ich liebe Edelweiss” which means “I love edelweiss.” The outside of the band is blue while the inside lining is red.

‘Ich Liebe Edelweiss’ Zippered Pouch – $24.99

germany minnie pouch 2

This zippered pouch is light blue with a red top. We see Fräulein Minnie sitting and holding one edelweiss flower. To her left are a heart and some flowers, both embroidered and printed. Embroidered on the top left is “Ich liebe Edelweiss.”

germany minnie pouch

On the back, it’s all red with edelweiss flowers and the Minnie silhouettes.

Edelweiss Key Chain – $14.99

germany minnie keychain
germany minnie tea bag tray

The dark blue Fräulein Minnie silhouette makes up this keychain, complete with her red ribbon bow.

Edelweiss Tea Bag Tray – $17.99

germany minnie tea bag tray 2

A small tea bag tray is available which is unlike the other Fräulein Minnie silhouettes in that the interior is the red all-over edelweiss pattern rather than the dark blue pattern with more flowers.

Germany Pavilion Minnie Mouse Youth Tank Top – $21.99

germany minnie shirt 5

A youth tank top is available for girls in white, which features Fräulein Minnie sitting among the flowers in the German countryside.

‘Ich Liebe Edelweiss’ Youth Shirt – $21.99

germany minnie shirt 6

A red youth shirt is also available, with Fräulein Minnie’s head on the top left-hand side wearing an edelweiss crown.

germany minnie shirt 7

A heart is at the center chest with “Ich liebe Edelweiss” written in large stylized letters. Below is faintly written “Germany Pavilion EPCOT World Showcase.”

Germany Pavilion Edelweiss Women’s Hoodie – $54.99

germany epcot hoodie

This white hoodie features blue accents on the bottom and on the sleeves, as well as on the pull strings.

germany epcot hoodie 2

The Fräulein Minnie silhouette is on the left-hand breast with “Germany Pavilion EPCOT World Showcase” below.

germany epcot hoodie 3

Inside the hoodie, we see edelweiss flowers and Fräulein Minnie silhouettes.

‘Fräulein Minnie’ Women’s Shirt – $39.99

germany minnie shirt 9
germany minnie shirt 8

This white shirt shows Minnie sitting among the edelweiss flowers and admiring one. Atop we see “Fräulein Minnie” and “Eine schöne Blume,” while below is “Germany Pavilion” and “EPCOT World Showcase.”

Snow White ‘Make Your Wishes Come True’ Shirt – $39.99

germany snow white shirt 2

The other two apparel items we found focus on a more traditionally German set of characters — “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” Here we see Snow White holding a bluebird on her finger in one hand and her dress in the other. To the left is written “Make your wishes come true.”

germany snow white shirt 3
germany snow white shirt

On the back we see designs of buildings here at the Germany Pavilion. The EPCOT logo is below along with stylized “Germany Pavilion.”

‘Grumpily Ever After’ Shirt – $34.99

germany grumpy shirt 3

Finally, we see a rather simple design of Grumpy akin to characters often seen in Japanese infographics. Above is written “Grumpily Ever After.”

germany grumpy shirt
germany grumpy shirt 2

On the back is that same design of pavilion buildings with the EPCOT logo and “Germany Pavilion.”

All of these are available at Volskunst in the Germany Pavilion at EPCOT. Let us know your favorite items in the comments below!

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