PHOTOS, VIDEO: NEW ’50s-Inspired ‘Drive-In and Dance’ Show Debuts at Universal Studios Florida

Universal Studios Florida has launched a new in-park show called “Drive-In and Dance” in front of Mel’s Drive-In featuring Team Members sporting 1950’s era outfits.

New “Drive-In and Dance” Show at Universal Studios Florida

Universal Studios Florida has added a high-energy, 1950’s-themed dance show to the plaza space in front of Mel’s Drive-In. We have a photo story for you, but if you’d rather watch the show, check out our video below.

The show takes place in front of Mel’s Diner, right next to the TRANSFORMERS: The Ride-3D attraction.

Universal Studios Florida has a new in-park show, Drive-In and Dance.

Just before the show began, Team Members greeted the large crowd of guests waiting for the show to start.

Drive in and Dance USF 2

Mel’s Diner has a 1950’s vibe with classic cars parked out front, flashing diner lights, and a teal and red color scheme.

Drive in and Dance USF 8

The show begins with three females dressed in colorful skirts and black tops with a white scarf, and three men dressed in button-up shirts.

Drive in and Dance USF 3
Drive in and Dance USF 4

The girls initially shun the boys’ advances.

Drive in and Dance USF 7

Then the couples pair off for a dance.

Drive in and Dance USF 6
Drive in and Dance USF 5

They have a sort of “dance off,” communicating to one another through dance.

Drive in and Dance USF 12

During the second song, a new crew takes over, handing serving trays to the first six performers and taking their places with upbeat dance moves. Three of the performers are dressed in blue and white uniforms, and three are in pink and white.

Drive in and Dance USF 11

The fresh dancers are high-energy, breaking it down to some electronic dance music while the first set of dancers look on with concern.

Drive in and Dance USF 10

When their dance is complete, they move out of the way, allowing the first set of performers to resume their slow dance.

Drive in and Dance USF 13
Drive in and Dance USF 14

After a short time, they appear to be taken over by some kind of “dance magic” and start a high-energy dance of their own.

Drive in and Dance USF 15
Drive in and Dance USF 16

The girls’ skirts tear away, and the men’s prim-looking button-up shirts are gone, too.

Drive in and Dance USF 17

Soon enough, both groups are dancing together. Once they finish this song, they pause momentarily for applause, and then they’re back up.

Drive in and Dance USF 28

Now is when the audience is invited to join the dance party.

Drive in and Dance USF 20

Team Members beckon over the park guests, dancing alongside them and teaching all the coolest 1950’s dance moves. They seemed to have a great time.

Drive in and Dance USF 24

Plenty of park guests joined in the dance party fun.

Drive in and Dance USF 23
Drive in and Dance USF 21

This portion of the show lasted for about ten minutes.

Drive in and Dance USF 26

Overall, the show was very high-energy, well-practiced, and the Team Members seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves. It’s a great addition to the park for any guests who enjoy a dance show.

This isn’t the first Mel’s Drive-In to see a show, the Mel’s Stage at Universal Studios Japan is traditionally home to a new music show every year.

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