Another Four New Disney Lorcana Cards Revealed, Including Musketeer Goofy Promo

Justin Giglio

Another Four New Disney Lorcana Cards Revealed, Including Musketeer Goofy Promo

As anticipation continues to build around the Disney Lorcana trading card game, we keep seeing more cards revealed leading up to its August 2023 release.

Four New Disney Lorcana Trading Cards


Disney Lorcana has recently unveiled an exciting lineup of four new cards, and one of them is set to make its debut as a promotional item at Gamescom. In collaboration with Ravensburger, Disney Lorcana has introduced a fresh batch of cards featuring beloved characters such as Goofy, Beast from “Beauty and the Beast,” Rafiki from “The Lion King”, and Archimedes from “The Sword and The Stone.”

Joining the previously unveiled Musketeer character Mickey, Goofy now assumes the role of a Musketeer in an Amber ink variation. It’s worth noting that Mickey, Musketeer is a Steel ink character. Players of Disney Lorcana can construct their decks using characters from two different inks, which implies that the Musketeers will only be viable within a Steel/Amber combination.

Attendees at Gamescom 2023 will have the opportunity to obtain promotional copies of the Goofy Musketeer card during the event. These promo cards feature a distinct stamp and may showcase unique foil treatments, adding to their collectible appeal.

To catch a glimpse of the Goofy promo card, take a look at this tweet from Disney Lorcana below:

Another notable addition is the Beast, Wolfsbane card, which possesses the potential to be a formidable asset. This card showcases a unique Roar ability that exerts all damaged characters upon its entry into play. This ability introduces an interesting dynamic where the exerted characters become more susceptible to attacks from other cards. In the strategic framework of Lorcana, players can exclusively target exerted cards when launching their attacks. Consequently, the Beast card holds the capacity to draw out the cards that opponents may be hoarding, thus disrupting their game plan. Check out the Beast card, along with the other newly unveiled cards, below:

lorcana archimedes
lorcana rafiki

Disney Lorcana will first be released at Gen Con 2023 in Indianapolis from August 3 to 6, in smaller games stores on August 18, and in mass retail from September.

What is Disney Lorcana?

Disney Lorcana will be sold in parks and on ShopDisney.
Image source: Disney Lorcana

According to the official game rules (which got spoiled a little while back), the following is the goal of Lorcana:

Race to locate pieces of lore scattered across Lorcana and collect them for safekeeping. Summon glimmers of Disney characters and items along the way to help with quests, hinder your opponents, and challenge opposing characters. With the right strategy and a bit of luck, you can preserve your collected lore against future threats!

To do this, you’ll build a deck of sixty cards that you’ve collected of different Disney characters, items, and even songs, and set out on a quest against another player. Don’t worry, complete pre-assembled decks will also be available to purchase so you don’t need to fully build one yourself initially. The first player to gain 20 or more lore wins.

You can learn more about this new game in our detailed look from last month.

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