Stitch Invades Disney Parks Twitter Page, New Digital Wallpapers Released for 626 Day

Today is June 26, or 6/26, which means it is a celebration of everything Stitch. For those who may not remember, before Lilo gave our blue friend his iconic name, he was known as Experiment #626, created by Dr. Jumba Jookiba.

‘Stitch Wuz Here’

stitch twitter

The official Disney Parks Twitter page was taken over this morning, with the official handle changing to “Stitch.626.” Our mischievous pal can be seen tearing through photos of Mickey Mouse and various parks icons, while the description now says “Ohana” with a pineapple emoji and “Stitch wuz here” spelled as “$t1TcH w@z |-|erE.”

stitch 1

Disney has also released some new digital wallpapers for today’s festivities, with a selection of both tropical and more space-themed, glitched artwork.

stitch 2

Whether you love his mischievous antics or laidback Hawaiian beach vibes, our team of talented designers has created another awesome series of digital wallpapers to celebrate Stitch on your phone, desktop, Apple Watch, and iPad.

stitch 3
stitch roaming

Earlier this month, after making occasional appearances on the stage in Tomorrowland, Experiment 626 has apparently made a new “great escape” and can now be spotted roaming around Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom. He makes the most of his freedom, creating all sorts of mischief around the area — so remember: if you’re hoping to spot him, he is constantly on the go and does not stop for photos except for very brief moments. Consider having your camera on sport mode for this one.

stitch tp

Way back in November 2004, Cinderella Castle was covered in toilet paper and graffiti as a promotional tactic for the Stitch’s Great Escape attraction that was brand-new at the time. Both the toilet paper castle and new experience were not received very warmly by guests, though Disney was happy to remind us of this event in an April Fool’s Day joke on TikTok last year. Luckily, our friend decided to spare Cinderella this time around.

What is your favorite memory of one of the friendliest and most troublesome galactic pals in the parks or on the screen? Let us know in the comments.

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