Hypersensitive Elevator Buttons Getting Replaced Aboard the Disney Wish

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Hypersensitive Elevator Buttons Getting Replaced Aboard the Disney Wish

One of the biggest issues aboard the Disney Wish cruise ship of the Disney Cruise Line is currently being fixed.

New Elevator Buttons for the Disney Wish

For those who haven’t made a voyage on the Disney Wish yet, many guests have bemoaned the ship’s elevator buttons, which are more like proximity sensors that only require a light touch instead of being fully pressed. If anyone were to lean a little bit on the panel or come into some sort of close contact, just about every floor would be accidentally selected.

Last year, we took note of the problems on this ship’s elevators in a tweet of our own.

By far, the biggest botch on the Disney Wish is the elevators. On a full cruise, elevators are packed, and if someone gets close enough to these button panels, they will set off all of them. On at least a dozen occasions in 3 days, I ended up stopping on nearly every floor.

elevator buttons disney wish

The old buttons (left) are disappearing, getting replaced by a more traditional panel (right) with buttons that actually need to be pressed. The photo of the replacement panel comes from Mike on Twitter.

elf elevator
Source: New Line Cinema

This hypersensitive button issue would have people feeling as if they were living in a scene from the 2003 New Line Cinema film “Elf,” in which a clueless Buddy (Will Farrell) gleefully presses every single button because “it looks like a Christmas tree” — much to the dismay of the unlucky individual trapped in the lift with him. The Disney Wish may not have as many floors as the Empire State Building, though it’s a hassle nonetheless.

Disney Wish

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The Disney Wish is currently the newest ship for Disney Cruise Line, while the in-production Disney Treasure prepares for a 2024 launch. We have a full guided tour of the Wish available below.

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Have you encountered the elevator button issue before? What are your thoughts on the Disney Wish overall? Let us know in the comments.

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