REVIEW: We Tried Garlic Shrimp Pizza at Universal Studios Japan

Justin Giglio

REVIEW: We Tried Garlic Shrimp Pizza at Universal Studios Japan

Today we stopped by Louie’s N.Y. Pizza Parlor at Universal Studios Japan to try the Garlic Shrimp pizza. Join us as we take a bite.

Garlic Shrimp Pizza — ¥1,650 (with fries and drink), ¥5,400 (whole pizza)

garlic shrimp pizza tdr20

Louie’s N.Y. Pizza Parlor is located in the New York area of Universal Studios Japan. Louie’s is a slice of New York in the heart of Japan. With its authentic New York-style pizzas, generous toppings, and perfectly thin yet chewy crust, it captures the essence of a classic pizzeria experience with a unique Japanese twist.

garlic shrimp pizza tdr27

Louie’s has a reputation for having the best quick-service pizza of any theme park in the world, so it’s no surprise to see it packed with people.

garlic shrimp pizza tdr32

The Garlic Shrimp pizza is available for ¥1,650 and comes with fries and a drink. You can get a whole pizza for ¥5,400.

garlic shrimp pizza tdr31

We got a meal with fries and a drink.

garlic shrimp pizza tdr34
garlic shrimp pizza tdr39
garlic shrimp pizza tdr42

The slice of pizza comes on top of an order of steak fries.

garlic shrimp pizza tdr37

Although the idea of garlic shrimp pizza sounded revolting, especially from a theme park, this item manages to deliver in a surprisingly positive way. The shrimp tasted fresh and weren’t stringy, while the garlic was balanced with a subtle lemon flavor that made every bite delicious. We strongly recommend grabbing a slice of this pie.

garlic shrimp pizza tdr36

Louie’s delivers once again!

garlic shrimp pizza tdr19

Do you think you’d give Garlic Shrimp pizza a try? Let us know in the comments.

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