PHOTOS: Detailed Aerial View of Show Element Construction & Completed Barges for New Nighttime Spectacular Coming to EPCOT

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PHOTOS: Detailed Aerial View of Show Element Construction & Completed Barges for New Nighttime Spectacular Coming to EPCOT

Progress is ongoing for the new Disney100 nighttime spectacular coming to World Showcase Lagoon at EPCOT, with a hexagonal structure taking shape in the lagoon itself and both barges and other show elements being staged and completed backstage. We have updates from the ground, as well as an aerial overview from bioreconstruct.

World Showcase Lagoon Construction

IMG 0370 1

Some of the pilings in World Showcase Lagoon have had more length added to them in preparation to drive them into the lake bed for foundational purposes.

IMG 0379 1

Not every piling has had additional length welded yet, though some have been marked for up to 135 feet in depth.

IMG 0371 1

The last of the “Harmonious” barges were removed last month and crews have since been working to prepare the lagoon for a new permanent show.

IMG 0372 1
IMG 0373 1

The construction out in the lake in preparation for the new nighttime spectacular is difficult to see from World Showcase, but we’ll take a bird’s eye view in a moment.

IMG 0378 1

Assembly on this hexagonal platform continues. There are also pairs of pilings set up in an outer circle.

IMG 0377 1
IMG 0376 1

Some of these may indicate where docks will be installed for movable barges.

IMG 0375 1
IMG 0374 1

Aerial View of World Showcase Lagoon Construction

aerial view of world showcase lagoon construction
Source: bioreconstruct

The hexagonal platform is much clearer from above.

bioreconstruct epcot 9
Source: bioreconstruct

The inner L dock was originally used for the rotating globe of the retired IllumiNations show. One of the pairs of pilings faces the Italy pavilion island, a popular spot for private events viewing fireworks.

bioreconstruct epcot 10
Source: bioreconstruct

In the above photo, the incomplete sides of the hexagon have the supports taking shape just under the surface of the water.

Aerial View of Backstage Show Barges

bioreconstruct epcot 6
Source: bioreconstruct

This aerial view indicates where the show elements are being constructed backstage. The yellow arrow at the bottom of the image shows where four completed show barges are already docked.

bioreconstruct epcot 4
Source: bioreconstruct

Each has a pair of outboard motors at the ends of the u-shape to maneuver them into position. In the above photo, more progress is visible.

At point 1 in this aerial view, we see the fifth barge under construction. This will join the other four large u-shaped barges already in the water. A grand total of six barges are expected when this part of the project is complete.

Where the image is marked with a 2, there’s a floating square in the water, tucked inside the u-shaped barge. Numbers 3, 4, 5, and 6 are other floating squares out on the dock.

Completed barges for new nighttime spectacular at EPCOT.
Source: bioreconstruct

From this angle, we can see the floating square tucked into the u-shaped barge more clearly at the bottom of the image.

bioreconstruct epcot 5
Source: bioreconstruct

This aerial view shows the completed barge’s show elements labeled. At 1, we see a movable fountain jet. At point 2, movable show lighting is mounted. There are eight pairs of movable jets and lighting on the arms of each completed u-shaped barge. Point 3 is another view of the floating square platforms that fit inside barges.

bioreconstruct epcot
Source: bioreconstruct

There are many of these floating squares being assembled backstage, with four potentially fitting inside each of the estimated six u-shaped barge.

bioreconstruct epcot 2
Source: bioreconstruct

Above, a more recent photo of completed floating squares.

bioreconstruct epcot 1
Source: bioreconstruct

From another angle, we can see the scale of the barges and floating squares as they’re being constructed. In the bottom right of this image, a Disney bus on the road provides an idea of scale. From this angle, 1 indicates the four recently completed barges, 2 shows the fifth barge being assembled, and 3 marks the floating squares.

bioreconstruct epcot 2 1
Source: bioreconstruct

Parts for the fifth barge currently being constructed are indicated by the yellow arrow.

bioreconstruct epcot 3
Source: bioreconstruct

Finally, this close-up shot of the floating squares gives an idea of their appearance, as well as size, compared with the orange cones in the top right corner.

More details about the new 100 Years of Wonder nighttime spectacular are anticipated at a later time. In September 2023, Disney100 celebrations will officially begin at EPCOT with Mickey and Minnie meeting in their platinum outfits and more — though it seems the nighttime spectacular won’t be ready by then and a debut date has not yet been announced.


Final Performance of Harmonious Nighttime Spectacular at EPCOT 2 1

The 50th Anniversary celebration has come to a close across Walt Disney World, and the nighttime spectaculars introduced as part of “The Most Magical Celebration on Earth” have now been performed for the final time. On April 2, guests visiting EPCOT were able to watch the last performance of the “Harmonious” nighttime spectacular before it was replaced by a limited return of “EPCOT Forever”.

“Harmonious” debuted on October 1, 2021, using five barges within the waters of the World Showcase Lagoon to deliver an all-new 20-minute nighttime fireworks spectacular. Harmonious featured a soundtrack of 15 songs in 13 languages from 240 artists around the world.

EPCOT Forever


EPCOT Forever initially debuted in October 2019 after the retirement of IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth.

This nighttime show honors the park’s musical heritage, with a massive display of fireworks, music, lighting, lasers, and special effects set to revamped versions of iconic songs from classic EPCOT attractions such as “Journey into Imagination,” “Spaceship Earth,” “Soarin’,” “Tapestry of Nations,” and “Universe of Energy.” The show was designed to pay tribute to the past, present, and future of EPCOT.

Are you excited to see progress for a new EPCOT nighttime spectacular? Let us know in the comments.

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