Disney Lorcana Booster Pack Box Design Allows Resellers to Pull Cards Without Breaking Seal

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Disney Lorcana Booster Pack Box Design Allows Resellers to Pull Cards Without Breaking Seal

As Disney Lorcana rolls out to the masses, fans are finding a problem with the booster pack box packaging. A single Disney Lorcana booster pack contains 12 cards, while a booster pack box contains 24 packs. A booster pack box retails for $143.99 but is scarce right now as Lorcana is only available at specialty game stores and won’t be at big box stores until September 1. As a result, resellers are posting Disney Lorcana products online for hundreds of dollars more than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) and fans are buying them.

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The problem arises in how Ravensburger chose to seal the booster pack boxes. Rather than using a sticker or shrink wrap to seal the boxes, they opted for a tab to pull. In theory, the tab system works — when you pull the tab, you rip the box, making it impossible to sneakily reseal. It also saves on plastic.

However, as seen above in the video shared on Twitter by Rylie Groff, someone can actually reach their hand inside the box through the side and retrieve booster packs without breaking the seal or harming the box. This not only means people can steal from sealed boxes, but that resellers can remove booster packs, open them, keep the high-priced cards and replace them with more common cards, reseal the packs, put them back in the box, and sell the box for less than its worth.

One Disney Lorcana player shared in the Disney Lorcana TCG Facebook group (reshared on Twitter by Citizens of Lorcana) that he had encountered this very issue with boxes he purchased from a supposedly reputable TCG reseller.

With fans calling for the boxes to be redesigned or sealed in a different way, it’s likely Ravensburger will address the issue in the future. Kolat Informer on Twitter replied to Rylie Groff’s video stating it was already mentioned to the Ravensburger team at Gen Con 2023, where the game was first released.

Reselling and scams have always been an issue with trading card games, and will continue in the Disney Lorcana community even if the packaging is updated, but a change could make it harder for scammers to take advantage of others.

Until the issue can be fixed, fans are urging each other to be careful who they purchase from or to wait until they can buy directly from a store. Local game stores currently have a limited amount of Disney Lorcana products until the full release in just over a week.

Read more about Disney Lorcana and watch our learn-to-play video below.

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