New Disney Lorcana Story Trailer Released as Game Hits Specialty Store Shelves

Kyle Silagyi

New Disney Lorcana Story Trailer Released as Game Hits Specialty Store Shelves

Kyle Silagyi

New Disney Lorcana Story Trailer Released as Game Hits Specialty Store Shelves

The official Disney Lorcana X account posted a video further detailing the world’s lore as the heavily-anticipated trading card game hit specialty gaming stores’ shelves on August 18.

Disney Lorcana Story Trailer

The short video features three original human characters and centers around a central protagonist who was introduced in an initial lore trailer released in early August. The video opens in a grand hall that features the game’s icon glowing on the floor. The as-of-now unnamed protagonist walks forward to meet two other unnamed characters as she approaches a large central contraption.

Lorcana second trailer 2

The new characters are carrying items that may indicate the ink that they wield. The character on the left in the above photo is wearing a brown armband with red and blue detailing, perhaps indicating that he wields sapphire and ruby ink. The other character carries a staff on their back, the detailing indicating that they may wield emerald and amber ink.

img 1464 1

The central contraption activates and a streak of light starts to move on the floor, leading the protagonist up a large golden staircase and through an intricately decorated archway.

Lorcana second trailer 3

Once inside, an ink caster manifests in front of a large open book. The character takes the ink caster and touches it to the ground, causing the book and the rest of the area to start glowing as Hercules is summoned from the pages.

Lorcana second trailer 1

Hercules and the other characters surround the protagonist as bright yellow light beams onto the book from a golden contraption above it. The woman holds the ink caster in the air as the Disney Lorcana logo comes onto the screen and the trailer ends.

Disney Lorcana

disney lorcana not at dl 0661

Disney Lorcana is a new Disney-themed trading card game created by Ravensburger. The company describes the game as an experience in which players can “wield magic inks and the power of Lorcana to assemble [their] team of Disney characters” on the official Disney Lorcana website, warning that “some characters will be familiar friends” while “others will be fantastically reimagined.”

The game released its initial offerings — dubbed “The First Chapter” — on August 18 at specialty gaming stores in addition to the Disney Store in Times Square and The Storybook Store in Disneyland Paris. Despite initial comments indicating that Disney Lorcana would be released at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World on its release date, the game was not found at either resort on August 18, this piece of information not revealed until the day before the game’s release. The confusion prompted the formation of an unfruitful line outside World of Disney in the Downtown Disney District at the Disneyland Resort.

disney lorcana not at dl 0659

Disney Lorcana will have a full mass-market launch on September 1 and will be available on shopDisney as part of the increased availability.

If you would like to check out a full list of Disney Lorcana cards, click here. To further familiarize yourself with the rules of the game and get a better understanding of how to play, click here.

Are you excited to check out Disney Lorcana? How do you feel about the new story trailer? Let us know in the comments.

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