Disney Treasure Cruise Ship-Shaped Map Teases On-Board Venues With Spaceship Earth, Nautilus, Zootopia, The Incredibles, and Much More

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Disney Treasure Cruise Ship-Shaped Map Teases On-Board Venues With Spaceship Earth, Nautilus, Zootopia, The Incredibles, and Much More

A new map of Disney Cruise Line’s upcoming Disney Treasure ship has surfaced and features some surprising Easter eggs. The Disney Treasure map is appropriate for the adventure-inspired ship, which we already know will have an Agrabah-themed atrium (or Grand Hall).

David Vaughn shared a photo of the Disney Treasure map on Twitter.

disney treasure map
Source: David Vaughn

The map is of an island shaped like the Disney Treasure cruise ship, with two mountain ranges (maybe representing the two stairwells and elevator banks of the ship) surrounded by various buildings, rocky structures, and characters.

Here are the IPs and icons we noticed:

  • Frozen (top left)
  • Zootopia (below Frozen)
  • The Incredibles (Omnidroid on Nomanisan Island, bottom left)
  • Marvel (Cap’s shield and quantum core)
  • Beauty and the Beast (rock versions of Lumiere and Cogsworth)
  • Moana (Maui’s hook in the water at bottom left, village and HeiHei at center right)
  • Star Wars (Porgs above Nomanisan and X-Wing at top right)
  • Up (Carl’s house floating over mountains)
  • Mickey & Friends (character-inspired buildings, bottom center)
  • Jungle Cruise (left center)
  • Mulan (Cri-Kee, bottom center)
  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Nautilus and squid in the water, bottom center)
  • Toy Story (Rex and Trixie, bottom right center)
  • Aladdin (Agrabah representing the atrium at center and Cave of Wonders at bottom right)
  • Spaceship Earth (top center)
  • Alice in Wonderland (teacups above HeiHei)
  • The Lion King (Pride Rock, center right)
  • The Jungle Book (Bagheera in the jungle, center right)
  • Coco (Santa Cecilia, far right)
  • Rapunzel (Rapunzel’s tower, far right)
  • Peter Pan (Neverland and pirate ship, far right)

Spaceship Earth may just represent a WDI-inspired room of Oceaneer’s Club, similar to that on the Disney Wish. The Alice in Wonderland teacups could represent one of the ship’s coffee shops.

The Marvel icons are likely in reference to Worlds of Marvel also being on the Disney Treasure — but with a new show.

The Mickey & Friends buildings appear to be a return of Mickey and Friends Festival of Foods from the Disney Wish.

The pyramid on the strip of island at the top of the map appears to have a waterslide going through it. This could be a hint to the story of the Treasure’s version of the AquaMouse.


The teaser video released with the announcement of “Unlocking the Disney Treasure: Adventure Awaits Onboard Disney’s Newest Ship” already included locations that could reference “Coco,” “Up,” “Encanto,” and Jungle Book. “Unlocking the Disney Treasure: Adventure Awaits Onboard Disney’s Newest Ship” will premiere on the Disney Parks Blog on Wednesday, August 30 at 11:00 a.m. ET.

The video is narrated by a new character, Arthur Quinn, who states his family has explored far-off lands in search of magical realms for years. The character could be connected to the Society of Explorers and Adventurers.

There is a rumored “Coco” dinner show and Haunted Mansion bar and lounge coming to the Disney Treasure. There are no Haunted Mansion references on the map, but there was one on the packaging.

We already know Peter Pan and Captain Hook figures will be on the ship’s stern.

Captain Minnie is on the bottom left corner of the map, in her new “Voyager” outfitVoyager Minnie is featured on the keel coin, which was lain in March. The keel coins ceremony is typically used to mark the official start of construction on a ship and bring good fortune. Voyager Minnie will also be on the Disney Treasure’s bow.

The Disney Treasure will set sail in 2024. Until then, if you are interested in booking a Disney Cruise, contact Be Our Guest Vacations, the official travel agent of WDWNT!

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