PHOTOS: Another ‘The Last of Us’ Food Booth and More Halloween Horror Nights Scare Zone Theming Installed at Universal Studios Florida

Shannen Ace

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PHOTOS: Another ‘The Last of Us’ Food Booth and More Halloween Horror Nights Scare Zone Theming Installed at Universal Studios Florida

Shannen Ace

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PHOTOS: Another ‘The Last of Us’ Food Booth and More Halloween Horror Nights Scare Zone Theming Installed at Universal Studios Florida

Halloween Horror Nights 32 is just two weeks away and themed elements are popping up for scare zones all over Universal Studios Florida. In addition to new scare zone props, we also spotted another food booth inspired by “The Last of Us,” to go along with the game’s haunted house. Let’s take a look at what’s been added around the park.

Vamp ’69: Summer of Blood

hhn 32 construction 1528 1
hhn 32 construction 1530 1

In the New York scare zone, Vamp ’69, colorfully painted barrels have arrived covered in psychedelic colors and designs. Brightly colored mushrooms, flowers, and rainbow colors decorate the cans. There are several of these around the streets of New York.

hhn 32 construction 1538 1

Another barrel on the opposite side of the street has a reddish-pink lava-like design with stars. Trippy, man.

hhn 32 construction 1544 1
hhn 32 construction 1547

The metal barrels near the stage have planets, stars, rain clouds, and flower designs. One of the barrels has a basket of flowers sitting on top. This scare zone takes place during a Woodstock-esque music festival in a small New York town, where guests will “jam to popular bands with fellow concert-goers until Dr. Oddfellow unleashes vicious vampires on the audience.” The vibes might be peaceful now, but just wait until the sun goes down.

‘The Last of Us’ Food Booth

hhn 32 construction 1550
hhn 32 construction 1555

Two “The Last of Us” food booths were already installed near Universal Studios Florida’s Grammercy Park. Now, a third one can be found in Sting Alley. “FEDRA” boxes are on either side of this small booth, giving away the “Last of Us” theme. The entrance to this area is located near the Starbucks construction walls by the lagoon. Guests will place their order at this window and head down into the alley to pick up their food and drinks.

hhn 32 construction 1535 1
hhn 32 construction 1536 1

As you enter the alley, there is a smaller stand on your right. This will most likely be to pick up beverages. In past years, there has been one stand for food and a smaller stand like this for beverages.

hhn 32 construction 1537 1

There are some chickens in cages sitting atop one of the shelves for this booth.

hhn 32 construction 1542 1
hhn 32 construction 1534 1
hhn 32 construction 1533 1

Crates and sandbags surround the booth, which has a brick facade along the top and bottom. At this time, menus have not been released, but a couple of items were previewed at the new Taste of Terror event.

hhn 32 construction 1531 1
hhn 32 construction 1532 1

Part of a chain link fence is at one end of the alley, with sandbags around its base. This appears to be the exit of the pathway guests will take to pick up their food. Last year, Meetz Meats was set up the opposite way with guests entering through New York. Instead, guests will order near the lagoon and take the pathway through Sting Alley to pick up their order and exit out into the Vamp ’69 scare zone.

hhn 32 construction 1543 1

“EXIT” is painted in red on the back of a section of wooden fencing and will lead guests into the Vamp ’69 scare zone.

“The Last of Us” house is inspired directly by the original video game, not the new TV show. Voice actors Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson recorded new dialogue for the house.

New Tent

hhn 32 construction 1557

A new white tent is up at the edge of the lagoon. This is most likely a bar tent that will serve alcoholic beverages.

Shipyard 32: Horrors Unhinged

hhn 32 scare zone prep1560

Shipyard 32 has received several new themed elements this week, including a sign atop a truss.

hhn 32 scare zone prep1562 1
hhn 32 scare zone prep1563

The base of the truss has now been decorated with red and yellow paneling. It looks like Dr. Oddfellow has been here.

hhn 32 scare zone prep1565

Ropes have been added to the crane next to large crates outside the Fast & Furious: Supercharged exit. The frayed rope explains why that box was dropped and smashed open.

hhn 32 scare zone prep1566
hhn 32 scare zone prep1568
hhn 32 scare zone prep1570

This scare zone is themed to a 1940s San Francisco shipping yard where some of Dr. Oddfellow’s “nightmarish oddities” have escaped.

Jungle of Doom: Expedition Horror

hhn 32 scare zone prep1578

Over in Universal Studios Florida’s Central Park is the Jungle of Doom scare zone. In the 1920s, Dr. Oddfellow ventured into this jungle, performing horrific experiments on nature. Now his monstrous creations are running amok.

hhn 32 scare zone prep1579

Bamboo lanterns have been added to the foliage in front of this stone wall.

hhn 32 scare zone prep1580

The wall has a platform in front of it, likely to be used as a stage for scareactors. It’s covered in fake vines, moss, and lichen. Hidden among the foliage, speakers have also been added.

hhn 32 scare zone prep1581

More props and foliage have filled in the area next to the crashed plane.

hhn 32 scare zone prep1583

There are several small crates and barrels of motor oil throughout the scare zone.

hhn 32 scare zone prep1584

A camouflage tarp has been wrapped around a tree. Typically, tarps like these are used to cover some of the more gory props during the daytime hours. Extra vines, a rope, and a safari hat also hang from the tree.

hhn 32 scare zone prep1588
hhn 32 scare zone prep1585
hhn 32 scare zone prep1587

There are more signs of Dr. Oddfellow’s expedition with this makeshift campfire with small creatures cooking near a makeshift shelter. A lean-to is made out of palm fronds and sticks. Rats can be seen cooking over a fire, dangling by their tails, as well as a few of them skewered on sticks.

hhn 32 scare zone prep1591

Dr. Oddfellow’s Collection of Horror

At the front of the park, “Dr. Oddfellow will lure you into Halloween Horror Nights with a promise of immortality. As he lifts the veil on all the horrors to come, you’ll soon realize you may not even survive the night.”

hhn 32 scare zone prep1646
hhn 32 scare zone prep1649

Could we be seeing Madam Basiel make an appearance here? The fortune teller has left her residence in New York to travel with Dr. Oddfellow.

hhn 32 scare zone prep1651
hhn 32 scare zone prep1647

More props have been added around the creepy gypsy wagon outside the UNI VRS store. Trunks, crates, and more items have filled in around the wagon. The wagon is decorated with bats, dragons, and creepy torches. The torches at the back are held in place with claw-like holders.

hhn 32 scare zone prep1648
hhn 32 scare zone prep1650

Large, sharp spikes have also been added along the top of the wagon.

hhn 32 scare zone prep1652
hhn 32 scare zone prep1654

Halloween Horror Nights 32 Details

halloween horror nights sign at universal studios florida entrance gate

Halloween Horror Nights 32 is an after-hours, hard-ticket event that will take place on select nights from September 1 through November 4 at Universal Studios Florida. Check out the full lineup of Halloween Horror Nights 32 houses and scare zones.

Guests can visit some of the houses during the day for a lights-on tour with Behind the Screams: Unmasking the Horror.

The Tribute Store will move back to the New York section of Universal Studios Florida and have a comic book theme. Guests can get their own comic book cover displayed in the store.

Universal is offering a new Taste of Terror event with a preview of various Halloween Horror Nights food and beverage items.

It’s rumored SNL’s David S. Pumpkins will appear at the new Peacock’s Halloween Horror Bar. Halloween offerings, including “Chucky’s Twisted Playground,” will be available at Universal Orlando Resort hotels. The Dead Coconut Club will also return to CityWalk.

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