REVIEW: New Breakfast Bagel Sandwich Available at Magic Kingdom

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REVIEW: New Breakfast Bagel Sandwich Available at Magic Kingdom

In addition to a new breakfast sausage, egg, and cheese pretzel roll, Magic Kingdom is offering a new breakfast bagel sandwich at a few locations. While the pretzel roll sandwich is just at The Friar’s Nook, we spotted this breakfast bagel at popcorn carts in front of Cinderella Castle and at the spring roll cart at the Adventureland entrance.

mk breakfast bagel 4378

Signs are up in the mornings when the breakfast bagel sandwich is available, which seems to be until 11:00 a.m.

mk breakfast bagel 5029
mk breakfast bagel 5374

Breakfast Bagel Sandwich – $7.25

Sausage, egg, and cheddar served on a bagel

mk breakfast bagel 5375
WDW MK Breakfast Bagel 18

The bagel sandwiches appear to be pre-made and come wrapped in foil to keep them warm. But that’s it — just warm. Not hot or cold, but like it has been sitting out in the humid heat like the rest of us.

WDW MK Breakfast Bagel 10

The bagel itself was nice. It was soft and not too chewy, which can sometimes be a problem.

WDW MK Breakfast Bagel 15

There is a lot of egg. That’s most of the sandwich. And it’s the standard egg Disney uses in a lot of their dishes.

WDW MK Breakfast Bagel 8

The sausage is also standard. It’s good, but nothing you can’t get yourself in the local grocery store’s freezer section.

mk breakfast bagel 5388

The cheddar cheese was mostly on one side of the sandwich. It wasn’t bad.

Overall, this is a fine pick if you’re running to rope drop your favorite attraction and need breakfast on the go. But don’t expect this to be your new favorite snack.

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