PHOTOS, VIDEO: Tour a Newly Remodeled Room at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn

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PHOTOS, VIDEO: Tour a Newly Remodeled Room at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn

We recently got a chance to tour a newly remodeled room at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn at Walt Disney World. Take a look with us:

Remodeled Room at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn

boardwalk room tour380

When walking through the hallways of BoardWalk Inn, you’ll see some touches that foreshadow the theming of the rooms themselves. This light fixture features the Sensational Six: Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Donald, and Daisy. They are all wearing some sort of turn-of-the-century headwear, like Mickey in his top hat. This is fairly reminiscent of the theming we have seen at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort in the past and is a nice touch.

boardwalk room tour381
boardwalk room tour423

Upon entry, the bathroom is directly to the right.

boardwalk room tour424

A dual vanity, complete with H2O+ products that are still hanging on, sits across from a closet.

boardwalk room tour425
boardwalk room tour426

Inside the closet, there are hangers as well as extra bedding.

boardwalk room tour427

The door to the toilet and shower room features a full-length mirror.

boardwalk room tour428
boardwalk room tour429
boardwalk room tour430

There is a tiled tub/shower combo with a sliding glass door.

boardwalk room tour435
boardwalk room tour433
boardwalk room tour432

The shower also has H2O+ products mounted to the wall.

boardwalk room tour434

It is worth noting that this room is an awkward size and shape, and as a result, is larger than the typical room most guests will receive. It also creates a lot of extra space that isn’t consistently accounted for.

boardwalk room tour420

This room sleeps up to five, with two queen-sized beds and a single sleeper sofa.

boardwalk room tour422
boardwalk room tour389
boardwalk room tour421
boardwalk room tour399

The headboards are a yellow and blue plaid pattern.

boardwalk room tour398

There is a center bedside table as well as floating shelves on either side of each bed for device storage and charging.

boardwalk room tour401

The outlets in this room are updated with one USB-A plug as well as a USB-C plug.

boardwalk room tour400
boardwalk room tour390

On the wall near the beds, there are some portraits of Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto in their turn-of-the-century garb.

boardwalk room tour393
boardwalk room tour392
boardwalk room tour396
boardwalk room tour395

Even Pluto looks sharp with a bow tie on his collar.

boardwalk room tour394
boardwalk room tour418

Themed vent covers are thoughtful.

boardwalk room tour419
boardwalk room tour414

This tall coffee station seems to be a hold-over from the prior room style since the countertop on it doesn’t match any of the other counters in the room.

boardwalk room tour417

Inside the cabinet is a mini-fridge as well as a safe. In the drawer at the top, there are K-cups for coffee as well as cups, lids, creamer, and sweetener.

boardwalk room tour415
boardwalk room tour412

The dresser under the television has drawers with the same honeycomb pattern as the bedside table. The pattern seems a tad out of place against the rest of the room. The dresser has more outlets, with another set of USB-A and USB-C plug-ins.

boardwalk room tour413
boardwalk room tour387

The sofa does convert into a sleeper, but only as a single.

boardwalk room tour385
boardwalk room tour406

Some framed artwork sits on the wall above the couch, featuring Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy on the BoardWalk. Goofy is juggling while riding a unicycle; a tip of the cap to the street entertainment guests can find in the evenings at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn.

boardwalk room tour407

If you look closely, you’ll notice that at the end of the BoardWalk, the ESPN Club is still pictured in this painting. The Cake Bake Shop is currently under construction replacing the former ESPN Club, but in this depiction, the building still features advertisements for the ACC Network as well as the iconic barbell.

boardwalk room tour410
boardwalk inn
boardwalk room tour404

This lamp has “hidden” Mickeys that disappear when the light is off.

boardwalk room tour405

Room views at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn have been reclassified to either “Resort View” or “Park View”. This room had a Resort View.

boardwalk room tour388

The curtains feature the same Sensational Six silhouettes that we saw in the hallway.

boardwalk room tour403

You can check out our full video walkthrough below.

In addition to Disney’s BoardWalk Inn, there are also Disney Vacation Club rooms at Disney’s BoardWalk Villas.

What do you think about these remodeled rooms at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn? Would you be interested in staying at one? Let us know in the comments.

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