VIDEO: Learn to Play Disney Lorcana with WDWNT


VIDEO: Learn to Play Disney Lorcana with WDWNT

During the Gen Con 2023 event that took place the first week of August, the highly anticipated Disney Lorcana trading card game was available for purchase. Now that we have our hands on cards, and the rules for the game, WDWNT staffers Alicia and Ben sit down to play!

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In this video, we’ll explain the rules of the game, the win condition, and how cards interact with each other. How do you use songs? What do keywords like Rush, Ward, or Shift mean? We explain all of it and more, so make sure to check out our in-depth learn-to-play video below.

Learn to Play Disney Lorcana

If you’re interested in following the narrative of the game, Ravensburger recently released a teaser video for the story.

Additionally, you can catch up on all of the drama from the release at Gen Con by checking out any of the links below:

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