Figment Rides Mad Tea Party on New Magnet Available at Walt Disney World

Kyle Silagyi

Figment Rides Mad Tea Party on New Magnet Available at Walt Disney World

Kyle Silagyi

Figment Rides Mad Tea Party on New Magnet Available at Walt Disney World

Figment is hitting all of the iconic attractions on his trip to Magic Kingdom, as a magnet that recently debuted at Walt Disney World Resort showcases the beloved purple dragon taking a whirl on Mad Tea Party. Its release comes just a few days after a Haunted Mansion-inspired Figment magnet became available at EPCOT.

We found this Mad Tea Party-themed magnet at Creations Shop in the World Celebration neighborhood of EPCOT.

Figment Mad Tea Party Magnet – $14.99

Figment Mad Tea Party Magnet 2023

The large die-cut magnet is shaped like a teacup, which is also the shape of the ride vehicle on the Mad Tea Party attraction that this decoration draws inspiration from. Inspired by the Walt Disney-produced “Alice in Wonderland” film, Mad Tea Party is one of the Disney Parks’ most iconic attractions. Versions of the Fantasyland spinner ride served as opening day attractions at Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, Disneyland Paris, and Hong Kong Disneyland; there’s also a version at Tokyo Disneyland.

The magnet is a dark blue tone, covered with faded depictions of the teacup ride vehicles and yellow stars. Figment appears inside a yellow teacup in the center of the magnet, smiling as the words “Give Your Dreams a Spin” float in purple and yellow text around him. The motto is a clever combination of terminology associated with the Journey into Imagination and Mad Tea Party attractions; the same formula was used on the aforementioned Haunted Mansion-inspired magnet, with that decoration featuring text that reads “Make Your Dreams Materialize.”

This Mad Tea Party-inspired magnet joins the Haunted Mansion-themed decoration in the recent merchandise line that features Figment on popular Walt Disney World attractions. The Haunted Mansion magnet first debuted in mid-September and sees the dragon take on the role of Madame Leota on a tombstone-shaped die-cut magnet; the imagery later appeared on a phone case.

Figment’s History

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Figment debuted alongside Dreamfinder in 1983 as part of Journey into Imagination, which opened a few months after EPCOT Center’s opening. The attraction demonstrated the beauty, power, and wonder of imagination to guests and was well-received, allowing Figment and Dreamfinder to become pseudo-mascots of the park.

Though several iterations of Journey into Imagination (of varying audience reception) have been offered since the attraction’s opening, Figment today remains a popular EPCOT icon. He’s developed an ardent fanbase as he appears on merchandisein inspired desserts, and even in video games. A move from your imagination and onto the big screen is also in the works, as comedic actor and filmmaker Seth Rogen began working on a film centered around the beloved character in September 2022.

WDW EPCOT Figment meet and greet

A Figment meet and greet debuted inside the Imagination! Pavilion at EPCOT on September 10. The interaction served as Figment’s long-awaited return as a meet and greet character and prompted waits of up to five hours.

Will you be adding the Mad Tea Party-inspired Figment magnet to your refrigerator? What’s your favorite piece of Figment merchandise? Let us know in the comments.

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