FIRST LOOK at All Disney Princess-Inspired Room and Suite Styles in Refurbished Disneyland Hotel in Paris

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FIRST LOOK at All Disney Princess-Inspired Room and Suite Styles in Refurbished Disneyland Hotel in Paris

With the announcement that Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris would reopen after a nearly 4-year refurbishment in January 2023, Disneyland Paris shared new concept art, photos, and details about the hotel. This includes a first look at the various Disney Princess-inspired rooms and suites. Pricing starts at €814 for one night, and goes up based on the room and date. Reservations are now open at

Rooms and Suites That Tell Royal Tales

Disneyland Hotel proposes 487 rooms and suites including 346 Superior Rooms, 82 Deluxe Rooms, 41 Castle Club Rooms, 16 Signature Suites, one Princely Suite and one Royal Suite, providing guests with all-new, elegant interiors infused with the tradition of Disney storytelling and modern comfort. From dream-inspiring artwork to subtle accents in the décor, guests enjoy an atmosphere celebrating unforgettable moments from royal Disney stories in every detail.

All bathrooms have been designed to royal standards, providing relaxation spaces that draw inspiration from Disney Animation movies such as The Little Mermaid or Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Guests will indulge in premium bath linens and accessories to top off divinely regal accommodation. Last but not least, all rooms feature luxury amenities, while Castle Club rooms and suites offer access to select VIP services as well as upgraded amenities.

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The Superior Room (346 total, up to 40,7m2)

Disneyland Hotel Superior Room offers a relaxing, elegant space with blue and silver tones featuring exclusive works of art depicting moments from one of 11 classic and contemporary animation movies from the creators at Disney Animation: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Princess and the Frog, Tangled, Frozen, Moana, and Raya and the Last Dragon. Carefully selected elements of design and décor include the golden mirror frame recalling Rapunzel’s golden hair or Aladdin’s magic lamp cleverly woven into the carpet. After a visit to the park, guests will enjoy a much-deserved royal rest in comfortable beds fitted with premium linens while watching their favorite programming on a magical mirror that transforms into an Ultra HD TV. And if refreshment is desired, a stylish jewelry box offers all the makings for delicious coffee and tea.

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 The Deluxe Room (82 in total, up to 40,7m2)

The Deluxe Room takes guests one step further in the celebration of the 11 featured Walt Disney Animation Studios royal stories. For the magical bedtime ritual experience, an illuminated animated canopy above the bed, along with exclusive artworks showcasing iconic moments from these Disney stories will magically come to life with a special enchantment in the room. Guests will relax in a space graced with exquisite, soft pearly and powdery colors and equipped with amenities and details that guarantee their every comfort. Guests will also enjoy dedicated check-in and concierge services and exclusive access to the Deluxe Lounge.

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The Castle Club – exclusive hotel within the hotel

The Castle Club offers the ultimate Disneyland Hotel experience, elevating a memorable stay to an unforgettable one thanks to exclusive benefits and enhanced magic. Expertly interweaving privacy and personalization to create a refined, distinctly Disney atmosphere, this hotel-within-a-hotel will pamper guests as only a Disney five-star hotel can. Located on the top two floors, it provides the discretion of a private elevator and a dedicated check-in area and all new and upgraded luxury amenities. Guests staying in a Castle Club room or suite will also have access to the Castle Club Lounge that offers a breakfast with Disney Princess Characters(3).

The Castle Club Room (41 in total, up to 42m2)

When staying in one of the Castle Club Rooms, guests will embark upon a celebration of the 11 featured Disney royal stories while the magical bedtime ritual experience adds an enchanted atmosphere to the room. Decorated with gold-standard elegance and royal refinement, these rooms offer an exclusive access to the Castle Club.

16 Signature Suites, 1 Princely Suite, 1 Royal Suite

The 16 Signature Suites, the Princely Suite and the Royal Suite, a part of the Castle Club offering, deliver the hotel’s most high end and immersive experience as they feature unique design elements directly inspired from Disney royal classics that will transport guests into these beloved stories throughout their stay. Guests can pamper themselves with deluxe products and amenities such as walk-in closets and spacious spa bathtubs.

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Transporting guests back to late medieval times with its stone walls, columns, arches, wooden finishes and elegant deep reds and blues, this suite features decorative recreations of décor elements from the Walt Disney Animation Studios classic such as Aurora’s dressing table or even her elegant dress that magically changes color according to the wishes of her fairy friends.

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With designs inspired by Cinderella’s home, this suite has been imagined as a boudoir: elegant furniture and materials with a soft and powdered color palette – pink in the bedroom, blue and ivory in the living room. Guests will be in awe of all the references to the décor, story and characters from Cinderella’s home details including the chimney, her ball gown sewn by her animal friends or even her famous glass slipper that will magically light up. *Walt Disney Animation Studio Movie

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Imagined as an invitation to stay in Rapunzel’s creative bubble, these suites are cozy havens thanks to their wooden elements, and a warm color palette including subtle hints of purple.

Many unique elements from Rapunzel’s story will be brought to life, such as the Sundrop flower that lets its power shine throughout the room, as Imagineers worked closely with Disney Animation and talented craftspeople such as Atelier Bournillat, a local and historical supplier of Disneyland Paris specialized in decor creations to ensure that every detail matched the animated reference from Tangled.

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The warm atmosphere inspired by Scandinavian interiors is embellished by designs and motifs characteristic of Arendelle, including the crocus flower, its official emblem symbolizing rebirth and spring. It is an invitation to travel and to let the imagination set free at the sight its detailed decors such as the magnificent mantelpiece featuring a portrait of Anna and Elsa together, or a window overlooking an all-year-long magically glittering snowflake.

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This immersive suite will transport the guests into the magnificent Beast’s Castle and its mythical fireplace surrounded by a large display of books and warm and elegant materials. Guests will even encounter Belle’s enchanted friends such as Lumière and the Wardrobe. The mystical Enchanted Rose will also illuminate the place. *Walt Disney Animation Studios movie

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Guests in the Princely Suite will step inside the live-action retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Inside, they will discover lavish baroque décor. From the bedroom to the ‘lounge-turned-ballroom’ and bathroom, every detail of this spacious residence is truly enchanted by a tale as old as time with its chandeliers, fireplace and glittering rose adorning the headboard. *Disney Live Action movie

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In the breathtaking Royal Suite, guests will be transported to Queen Elsa’s Ice Palace atop the North Mountain from Frozen where they will enjoy the hotel’s grandest and most immersive experience yet with its bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen and dining room all decorated with a flurry of ice magic. A shimmering ice chandelier elevates the room’s elegant silver and blue décor as elegant materials that create transparency, lights and reflection enhance every detail to ensure guests can feel an emotional connection with the beloved story. To top it all, this one-of-a-kind suite offers a balcony overlooking Disneyland Park with a breathtaking view onto the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle.

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