New Safety Precautions Added to Imagination Pavilion’s Dreamport After Figment Falls Repeatedly

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New Safety Precautions Added to Imagination Pavilion’s Dreamport After Figment Falls Repeatedly

New reflective baseboard runners have been added to the “Dreamport” tunnel inside the Imagination! Pavilion of EPCOT, where characters like Figment enter for their meet and greets. The change was made overnight after Figment tripped and fell multiple times on Monday, September 11.

Figment Meet and Greet

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Disney Dan noticed the update, which gives the tunnel a more continuous floor that’s safer to walk on, and shared photos on X.

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We visited the Dreamport later to take a look as well, although we have yet to see Figment walk through the tunnel to confirm it is safer.

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Figment Falls at Meet and Greet Featured Photo

The new Figment meet and greet debuted in ImageWorks on Sunday. Two videos surfaced on Monday of Figment tripping in the same spot, but they were clearly different incidents. Both times, Cast Members rushed forward to help the dragon get to his feet. The meet and greet was delayed, but not canceled.

WDW EPCOT Figment meet and greet

Figment walks from the Dreamport to his own set meet and greet space. Guests can meet Figment periodically from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. On the first day of the meet and greet, the wait time to see Figment reached over 5 hours. The line was cut off at about 2:45 p.m. and Figment met until about 5:00 p.m.

Figment’s History

Figment debuted alongside Dreamfinder in 1983 as part of Journey into Imagination, which opened a few months after EPCOT Center’s opening. The ride demonstrated the beauty, power, and wonder of imagination to guests and was well-received, allowing Figment and Dreamfinder to become pseudo-mascots of the park.

Given EPCOT Center’s original goal of being an education-oriented experience, traditional Disney characters generally recognizable to parkgoers were not initially used in meet and greets or as walk-around attractions. Original characters created for the park were instead used in this role, with Figment and Dreamfinder being two characters that guests could interact with.

Journey Into Imagination has gone through three different iterations over the years. Read the ride’s full 40-year history.

Figment has evolved into a park icon over the past number of decades, developing a strong fanbase as he appears on merchandisein inspired desserts, and even in video games. He may soon even shift to the big screen, as a Seth Rogen-produced Figment film is in development.

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