Terror Tram, Holidayz in Hell, and More Halloween Horror Nights 2023 Merchandise at Universal Studios Hollywood

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Terror Tram, Holidayz in Hell, and More Halloween Horror Nights 2023 Merchandise at Universal Studios Hollywood

Halloween Horror Nights is off to a spooky start at Universal Studios Hollywood, bringing along a ton of creepy new merchandise. You can find plenty of the same “Never Go Alone” merchandise available at Universal Orlando, but there are a few items that are exclusive to Universal Studios Hollywood.

Halloween Horror Nights House Shirt – $33

universal studios hollywood hhn halloween horror nights 2023 merchandise house shirt 4
universal studios hollywood hhn halloween horror nights 2023 merchandise house shirt 2

The house shirt for Universal Studios Hollywood has the same artwork as the one for Universal Orlando, but since the house lineup is different for each coast, there is a shirt specific to Hollywood. The shirt is black and has “Universal Studios Hollywood” and Halloween Horror Nights 2023″ on the front.

universal studios hollywood hhn halloween horror nights 2023 merchandise house shirt 3

The back of the shirt lists “The Last of Us”, “Stranger Things”, Chucky Ultimate Kill Count, Holidayz in Hell, Universal Monsters: Unmasked, Terror Tram the Exterminatorz, and Monstruous the Monsters of Latin America listed. Evil Dead Rise is not listed on the shirt, but it is a haunted house at this year’s event. There is no merchandise for “Evil Dead Rise” at all this year.

universal studios hollywood hhn halloween horror nights 2023 merchandise house shirt 5

The same artwork from the house shirt is on a poster.

Terror Tram The Exterminatorz Poster – $18

hhn2023 ush merch 9274

All-New Skin-Crawling Horror! One of the experiences exclusive to Universal Studios Hollywood is the Terror Tram. The Studio Tour gets a Halloween theme and this year is Terror Tram the Exterminatorz. This print features the tram in the background, while guests run away in horror from an infestation of bugs.

Terror Tram The Exterminatorz Cup – $15

hhn2023 ush merch 9275

Enjoy your favorite beverage out of this Terror Tram glass. “Experience a Terrifying New Nightmare” is written across the top of the glass. “Larry Larva presents… Terror Tram The Exterminatorz” is written on the front, with the tram in the background, surrounded by bugs.

hhn2023 ush merch 9276

This glass has the Terror Tram artwork, complete with Larry Larva and “There’s No Escape!” on the side.

hhn2023 ush merch 9277
hhn2023 ush merch 9278
hhn2023 ush merch 9279

Don’t let the artwork bug you out.

Terror Tram The Exterminatorz Tee – $33

hhn2023 ush merch 9281

The fun, retro style artwork on the Terror Tram shirt is absolutely perfect. These shirts seemed to be very popular. The Terror Tram artwork is featured on the front of a black shirt.

hhn2023 ush merch 9282

The sleeve on the shirt says “Terror Tram” and “Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights 2023”.

Terror Tram The Exterminatorz Candle – $20

hhn2023 ush merch 9288

Who wouldn’t want their home to smell like Larry Larva? A candle themed to Terror Tram will have your home smelling fresh and clean. The artwork on the lid shows Larry surrounded by roaches.

hhn2023 ush merch 9289
hhn2023 ush merch 9291

The smell is very pleasant and fresh, like aloe. The delightful smell will help lure the humans.

Terror Tram The Exterminatorz Drawstring Bag – $28

hhn2023 ush merch 9293
hhn2023 ush merch 9295

Show off your love of the Terror Tram and carry all of your park essentials in this drawstring backpack. This bag is sturdy and good quality, as well as stylish.

Terror Tram The Exterminatorz Hoodie – $65

hhn2023 ush merch 9296
hhn2023 ush merch 9297

For cooler nights, this Terror Tram hoodie is perfect. This pullover hoodie has a single pocket in the front and the “Terror Tram” logo on the chest.

hhn2023 ush merch 9298
hhn2023 ush merch 9299

This hoodie has the Terror Tram artwork on the back.

Pass Member-Exclusive Holidayz in Hell Tee – $30

hhn2023 ush merch 9302

The Holidayz in Hell merchandise is exclusive for Universal Studios Hollywood Pass Members. The shirt shows some of the terrifying holidays you’ll experience inside the house.

hhn2023 ush merch 9303
hhn2023 ush merch 9304

The bottom of the shirt says “USH Pass Member” and “Holidayz in Hell”. The sleeve simply reads “Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2023” in red.

Pass Member-Exclusive Holidayz in Hell License Plate – $22

hhn2023 ush merch 9312
hhn2023 ush merch 9308
hhn2023 ush merch 9309
hhn2023 ush merch 9311

“USH Pass Member” and “Holidayz in Hell” are written towards the bottom of the plate. Different holiday scenes are shown, including New Year, St. Patrick’s Day, and Halloween.

Pass Member-Exclusive Holidayz in Hell Socks – $20

hhn2023 ush merch 9314
hhn2023 ush merch 9315
hhn2023 ush merch 9316

Christmas, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, and Halloween scenes are shown on the front of these socks. “Holidayz” is written in blue and “in Hell” is written in red.

hhn2023 ush merch 9317

The back of the socks read “USH Pass Member”.

Monstruos: The Monsters of Latin America Tee – $30

hhn2023 ush merch 9328

Monstruous: The Monsters of Latin America is another house here at Universal Studios Hollywood. The front of this black shirt shows the monsters you’ll encounter in the house with “The Monsters of Latin America” at the top.

hhn2023 ush merch 9329
hhn2023 ush merch 9330

The sleeve of the shirt says “Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2023” in red.

To take a closer look at all of this merchandise, be sure to check out our video tour below.

Though not branded to one of this year’s Universal Studios Hollywood-exclusive offerings or available exclusively at the park, there is some other Halloween Horror Nights merchandise available at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Stranger Things Headphone Cases – $22

UHS HHN Merch 11

We found two headphone cases with “Stranger Things” branding at Universal Studios Hollywood. They’re compatible with both Apple AirPods and Apple AirPods Pro and feature the same design.

UHS HHN Merch 7

Vecna stands against a stormy red sky and looms over a large house illuminated by blue light. The “Stranger Things” logo is featured at the top of each design. There is a “Stranger Things” haunted house at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights at both Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Florida.

Stranger Things Apple Watch Wristband- $40

UHS HHN Merch 1

The Apple Watch band takes aesthetic cues from the headphone cases, again featuring Vecna peering over a house. The Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2023 logo is seen above him, with the opposite side of the band featuring the “Stranger Things 4” logo. Seen beneath is an illustration of Max, a character from the popular Netflix season, floating between two trees above a gravestone.

Lil’ Boo Lanyard – $20

UHS HHN Merch 9

The lanyard itself is black and reads “Universal Halloween Horror Nights” in white text. Attached to the bottom of the necklace is a plastic depiction of Lil’ Boo. Originally appearing on the facade of The Wicked Growth: Realm of the Pumpkin haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights 30, Lil’ Boo became popular amongst fans and has become a pseudo-mascot for the event, appearing on a wide range of merchandise.

UHS HHN Merch 10
UHS HHN Merch 8

An orange light inside the jack-o’-lantern lights up, illuminating an orange hue through Lil’ Boo’s eyes, nose, and mouth.

Which piece of Halloween Horror Nights merchandise at Universal Studios Hollywood is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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